The Bachelor Week 5 Stock Watch: Final 8 in a Tight Race for Juan Pablo’s Heart


Yesterday, we recapped The Bachelor 18.05. It was an interesting night on the show. The biggest take away was the anomaly Juan Pablo and his continued slide in the public popularity polls. He’s currently in the running for worst bachelor since Brad Womack and this comes after incredibly high expectations.

Anyway, like we do every week we’re going to rank the ladies’ chances with JP. There are only 8 left down from 11 and the rankings (in our opinion) have been shaken up quite a bit in a week.

Here’s the Week 5 Stock Watch:

8.) Chelsie – Chelsie is cute. She’s spunky. She’s probably one of the few (and I mean few) of quality left in the final 8. I think in the end her immaturity is going to cost her. I think Juan Pablo likes her, but she’s not wife material. Plus she had a very quite week.

7.) Renee – Renee! Act like you’ve been there before. Renee without a doubt likes Juan Pablo the most. If it wasn’t for their first kiss she’d be 8th right now. I love Renee. She’s awesome. I think she’d make the best wife out of all of these chicks, but Juan Pablo is weird and he’ll go for a sports car instead of a reliable vehicle.

6.) Kat – Kat is sixth because she has a big chest. That’s about it.

5.) Nikki – The devil is fifth. This year’s villain Nikki is able to contain her dark side unlike previous contestants on the show. She’s the most insufferable person on this show. Every time she does an interview I want to pull my hair out, but Juan Pablo seems to like her. Further proving he’s an idiot.

4.) Cassandra – See Juan Pablo idiot. Can we just talk about the elephant in the room. Cassandra was a Pistons cheerleader and has a kid by a Pistons player. Juan Pablo doesn’t wear a jersey anymore, but she’s still chasing him. I strongly dislike Cassandra, but she’s on the inside track and in a solid position with our idiot bachelor.

3.) Sharleen – The girl that swept Juan Pablo off his feet early on is still hanging on tough. She got some make out session in. Complained again about the show’s process. Blah blah blah. I think Sharleen will last a while, but she’s actually pretty boring and not fun. She may get cut before some of the girls above, but right now her history is strong.

2.) Andi – Andi is going to be The Bachelorette next season so she’s number two. She’s the most complete package on the show and JP plays her like a fiddle. Come on Andi – you’re better than that. Maybe he’ll wisen up, but like I said yesterday – The Bachelorette will be a far better fate than Mrs. Galavis

1.) Clare – Yeah so the ocean make out session turned out to be a disaster, but still… You can’t ignore the fact that Juan Pablo loves Clare. She’s leading the league in make out sessions and I really believe that she’s the top right now. She’s the perfect fit for this guy. The only thing that could hurt her is the repercussions from trying to get it in to early.

On to Week 6 – Let’s hope for some shockers at the rose ceremony because this week’s was as predictable as the tides.

[Photo via Christopher Jue / ABC]

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