The Bachelor Week 6 Stock Watch: Is Clare the Next Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis?


Another week has passed and another woman is closer to becoming the next Mrs. Juan Pablo Galavis. As we do every week we take stock of the remaining girls left on the show. Who has the best chance? Who’s headed for heartbreak.

This week we had some shake-ups. With Cassandra going home some girls got the boot? Then there’s the mysterious Sharleen. Either way, I think there are some surprises left this season of The Bachelor.

Here are this week’s rankings:

6.) Chelsie – Chelsie is one of my favorites. She’s an underdog story on the show. I haven’t given her much of a chance all season, but she’s managed to hang on week after week. I think she dtill doesn’t have a chance, but she’s a sweet girl. She’s a little young, but I like her. Not sure she has much of a future after this week.

5.) Renee – It would be fitting that my two favorites are at the bottom of the power rankings. Renee has been the best from day one. She has the best head on her without question. She’s mature and she could make a good wife and mother. I just feel like the ex-pro footballer is looking for a ferrari not a minivan.

4.) Sharleen – All I can say is please don’t make me listen to Sharleen discuss what is organic and what isn’t going forward.

3.) Nikki – Juan Pablo likes the devil. Very rarely do you see the annoying troublemaker make it this deep in the show. I’m wondering her chances. Legitimately. I’m not sure she’s going to win, but I can see final three here. This is just a poor reflection on Juan Pablo.

2.) Andi – Let’s face it. Juan Pablo stinks this season. Andi is by far the best catch on the show when you look at total packages. He’ll find someway to screw this up. The next Bachelorette. No doubt.

1.) Clare – It almost seems like a lock. I mean heck they’ve already consummated their relationship!

[Photo via Michael Fullana  /ABC]

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