Five Reasons Why Season 18 of ‘The Bachelor’ Will Disappoint


One of televisions most popular reality shows, ‘The Bachelor’, kicked off its 18th season on Monday night. This season’s bachelor, former professional footballer, Juan Pablo Galavis was introduced to 27 potential brides. When the night was over there was plenty to talk about and 18 lovely ladies remaining. It was your standard first episode with some interesting characters, but nothing too over the top.

One thing you CANNOT do when it comes to this show is look too deeply into the season preview at the end of the show. There’s always crying, there’s always fights, and there’s always drama – they make it that was so you will watch to see what happens. With that said, something tells us this season is going to be slightly disappointing. Why? Here are five reasons –

1. The Show is Getting Redundant – I’m a fan of the show, but it seems like I’m watching the same thing over and over again. Some girl cries about not being able to handle the situation, the bachelor or bachelorette cries because “it’s tough” or something, girls and guys bicker, and then we’re made to think that the star doesn’t get engaged for the final couple of episodes.. or does he or she?

2. Skepticism Around Juan Pablo – Juan Pablo was the fan favorite. Juan Pablo has a Spanish accent. This is all about Juan Pablo’s daughter Camila. There’s just something a little dodgey about it all. I’m not sure JP is going to be a great bachelor. Everything seems a little forced to me. Most of the guys are a little off anyway, but this Juan Pablo makes you squirm in your seat a little bit.

3. Terror Surrounds Juan Pablo’s Judgement – This may be a little harsh, but dude you picked the “free spirit”? I’m not trying to judge, but you’re looking for a mother for your child and you pick some girl without shoes and claims she’s a wandering soul. Secondly, he pulled the trigger on the first impression rose when it was pretty clear that Sharleen wasn’t feeling him. This may be something we want to watch going forward. Juan Pablo may be missing the target quite a bit this year. How awkward was the Sharleen situation?

4. Reality is Becoming Blurred – As the show continues to be produced and grow in popularity it feels more and more scripted. Like Juan Pablo picks girls he likes and girls that will make the show entertaining. Like we need to have contestants crying and fighting, and the star needs to be crying and pushed to the edge. It just doesn’t feel as free-flowing as it use to. See The Real World.

5. We’re Do for a Failed Engagement – Right now Des and Chris are going strong as are Sean and Catherine – You know what that means – we’re due for a failure. The show doesn’t have that kind of success rate. Sorry to burst the bubble.

Of course, we’re not going to stop watching the show, but I’m slightly alarmed. Even though Juan Pablo could stink as a bachelor, and even though the show feels kind of fake(ish) these days we still love the drama.

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