The Bachelorette – Has Reality TV Netted its First ‘Real’ Couple?

EMILY MAYNAR - The BacheloretteSomehow one foxy gal or guy winnowing through a dozen or so potential loves in the space of a TV season just doesn’t seem like recipe for ‘true’ romance to me, but still we all tune in to see who is going to get chosen in the end. Such is the case for The Bachelorette. This isn’t even Emily Maynard’s first time looking for love under the glow of a studio grade lighting kit, how could she, let alone we, be so naive as to think it will work? Well for starters, call me a hopeless romantic but there seems to be copious amounts of naiveté in any recipe for true lovewhether televised, or not.

There are plenty of reasons to think that Jef and Emily are going to make it. For starters, I really believed Emily’s spiel about being hesitant to get engaged again because of concerns for her daughter Ricki. It seems that Emily’s concern for how her relationships impact her daughter were legitimate. Jef’s acceptance of the fact that he is getting two for the price of one also seemed legit. Even though it all seems on the up and up, the parent in me still screams “please, no more kids on The Bachelorette“.

However, there is also the fact that all of this might have just been good TV. It’s really hard to keep the image of The Bachelorette squeaky clean when the principle is essentially managing a harem of men. Even if the relationship were to work out, little Ricki might have some seriously bizarre thoughts about what mom might have gone through in her quest for ‘true love’. This is all assuming we take the narrative of The Bachelorette at face value.

In the after show, we learned that Emily and Jef were still together, but living apart. Apparently this is so Ricki can get used to Jef before The Bachelorette forged couple share nuptials. This is either a sign that their bond is true, or is already on tenuous ground. So what do you think?

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