American Idol’s Ruben Studdard to Compete on The Biggest Loser

rubenRuben Studdard isn’t the most famous of American Idol’s past winners, but he did in fact sell a decent amount of records over the years, experiencing a fair amount of success. Therefore his struggles haven’t necessarily been with money or talent, but rather his weight.

Often called the “Velvet Teddy Bear” Studdard remains one of the biggest finalists to ever appear on the show, and now it seems he needs an entirely new reality show to help him take care of that.

Studdard will be joining the upcoming season of The Biggest Loser this fall on NBC. It’s not a celebrity version of the show from what I can tell, but Studdard will join up all the same. His weight has gone up and down over the years, but reportedly spiked in 2012 after his divorce.

No word on if they’ll let him sing on the show, but I imagine he will at some point or another, and might slip in an album plug while he’s there. Hopefully the show will help him, but I’ve long been skeptical of the program which forces massive weight loss quickly, then doesn’t teach people how to keep it off without constant help from personal trainers. And by help I mean people yelling in their faces. You know, teach a man to fish and all that…

The Biggest Loser premieres October 9th, 2013.

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