Is The Biggest Loser Winner Too Thin?

biggest loser

Well this is a new one. There’s fresh controversy brewing over last night’s Biggest Loser Winner, Rachel Fredrickson, and her enormous weight loss. Fredrickson dropped 155 pounds, nearly 60% of her former body weight. It’s certainly not the most anyone’s ever lost on the show, so what’s the problem?

She ended the show weighing just 105 pounds.

The Biggest Loser has never demonstrated the proper way to lose weight and keep it off, as it just assaults its contestant’s bodies so they lose huge amounts of weight in short amounts of time, which isn’t necessarily good. But Fredrickson is bringing that into the light again, and some are saying that the show made her too skinny, as at 105 pounds, she really is quite thin.

That’s Fredrickson above, so what do you think? Is the Biggest Loser winner too thin, or does she seem perfectly healthy to you?

[Photo via Trae Patton/NBC]

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  • windyblue

    I use to weigh 105, and people thought I had malnutrition. And always had a nasty comment for me. I was fine, and nothing was wrong. People think a person should weigh what they say they should weigh. As long as she is happy, and healthy, is fine. I think she looks great.