The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn Finds Out About Her Son

The Bold and the Beautiful fans know that Quinn is going to learn that her son is sleeping with the woman who was once his stepmother, and she’s going to learn that her husband knew and kept this from her. The time has come, and we know that she’s not happy at all about any of it. She’s feeling betrayed and unhappy and beside herself about all this, and she’s a little depressed that her family and her friends would lie to her about this.

Sheila, on the other hand, could not be more excited that Quinn finally knows the truth. This is working out so nicely for her in that she’s finally able to get what she wants from this situation. Quinn feels that the people she loves the most lied to her and betrayed her, and she’s spending more and more time with Mateo in the moment. He might just turn on the charm and prove that he is really there for her.

Of course, she has no idea this is Sheila’s entire plan and that things are working out for her in this favor all along. There is nothing they can do to stop this from happening, but she’s excited to learn that someone is there to listen to her and be her friend. And she has no idea just how bad this is going to be for her. She’s got some work cut out for her, and we can’t help but think it won’t work out for her.

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