Arrow 2.12 Review: ”Tremors”


Ever since Moira’s trial ended, there has been a lot of speculation on what her role would be for the remainder of the season. Last night, the writers of Arrow finally revealed what her arc is going to be for these upcoming episodes and while it was unexpected, it’s perfect. The idea of having her running for mayor against Sebastian Blood is an arc that can be very interesting and perhaps something that will make Moira a big player aside from just being the mother.

It was proper that Walter was the one who brought up the idea to her because she probably wouldn’t have considered the idea if it came from someone else. Speaking of Walter, it’s always a joy to see Colin Salmon back on the show whenever it’s possible. If the writers can find a way to give his character a big arc so that he can recur more often, that would be appreciated.

The other good thing that came out of this arc was seeing how mature Thea has become this year. The scene between them at the club proved that 100% and while it’s always great to see Holland and Thompson’s amazing mother-daughter chemistry, that scene became one of their best scenes in the series so far. It’s like they say, with age comes wisdom.

Laurel’s continuing breakdown hit a critical point this week and while it’s so tragic to see Laurel hitting rock bottom, this is necessary for her character. It was heartbreaking to see the people who love Laurel get hurt because of her problems. A big surprise in this arc was that Oliver decided to call Sara and ask her to help Laurel.

It has been known for a while that Laurel would eventually find out that Sara was still alive, but the question was always, under what circumstances. This felt so much more beautiful (aside from Laurel being wasted when she saw Sara) instead of Laurel just accidentally finding out.

We saw the return of Michael Jai White’s Bronze Tiger and what they did with him in “Tremors” was a lot better than his first episode “Identity”. It was definitely a kicker to see him and the Arrow fight against each other. The best thing however was the visit that he got from Amanda Waller at the end. Suicide Squad has also been something that they have been teasing this season and it looks like that it’s about to get created. It wouldn’t be a surprise if one of these later episodes will be titled “Suicide Squad”, which would be cool if they did name an episode that.

The A-story of “Tremors” was the best part of the whole episode and that was the massive development between Roy and Arrow. For someone who has been a big fan of the Roy and Oliver dynamic in the Green Arrow comics, this episode made that aspect of the comics come to life. It wasn’t really a shock that Oliver revealed his secret to Roy because after seeing how increasingly aggressive Roy kept getting, Oliver could only get Roy to listen by revealing that he was the Arrow.

“Tremors” is also one of those episodes that show you why Colton Haynes was meant for this role. Roy has been one of the characters that Arrow has adapted the best from the comics and just like Oliver said, “we are just getting started”. This was the perfect beginning to something that is going to play a large role in the Arrow mythology.

“Tremors” is one of the best episodes of the season so far and as always, director Guy Bee did a phenomenal job. The writing by Marc Guggenheim and Drew Z. Greenberg was also strong as they took several storylines to the next stage and the cast gave superb performances as always.

Aside from its few flaws, season 2 of Arrow has been a strong year for the Emerald Archer. Along with the great ratings that it has been getting so far, a season 3 announcement shouldn’t be far away because it will most likely be renewed before The CW upfronts in May.

Arrow airs on Wednesday nights, 8/7c on The CW.

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