Arrow Casts Actor Matt Ward As DC Comics Villain Komodo, Changes Felicity-Centric Episode Title

Matt Ward


Another DC villain is making his way to Starling City this fall.

Arrow has cast actor Matt Ward (TRON: LegacyCharlie St. CloudHellcats) as Simon Lacroix, also known as the comic book villain Komodo. The character on Arrow will be “a deadly mercenary using the code name Komodo, who wreaks havoc in Starling City.” Entertainment Weekly first reported the news.

In season three, Arrow is attempting to move away from the “villain-of-the-week” setup that was prevalent in the first two seasons of the show and connect its villains with the more major, serialized story of the season

“Yes, he’s the villain-of-the-week for the second week of the show, but you’ll see that Team Arrow’s pursuit of him is part and parcel of a season-long storyline,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim said to Entertainment Weekly. “You’re going to know what happens to Komodo at the end of the episode, but it will be a little bit tied in better with the season-long mythology than villain-of-the-week episodes have done in the past.”

Also in Arrow news, the season three episode, entitled “Oracle,” which will dive into the backstory of Felicity, has had its title changed. The episode will now be called “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak,” and during it, we will finally meet Felicity’s mother, played by actress Charlotte Ross.

“We’ve established in the past that mom is a cocktail waitress in Vegas,” executive producer Marc Guggenheim said when Ross was cast in the role. “She and Felicity are two very different people. Episode 5, which is when Felicity’s mom comes to town, really deals with the differences between these two women and how much of their relationship is a struggle as a result. It’s a real challenge for these two people to find some common ground.”

Season three of Arrow premieres on Wednesday, October 8th, on The CW.

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