Arrow Star Stephen Amell Admits He’s Broken Stunt Guys’ Noses During Filming

'Arrow' Photocall At The 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival

The CW’s Arrow is a series that gets a lot of high, deserved praise for its stunt choreography because every fight sequence on the show is so well-put together that it almost seems as if it’s real, like these actors on screen are actually throwing punches and kicks as they struggle to beat one another. Well, it turns out that sometimes the stunts on Arrow turn out to be a little more real than originally anticipated.

In a new Q&A video with the cast of the hit CW superhero show, series star Stephen Amell admitted that he has broken stunt guys’ noses while filming.

“I break a stunt guy’s nose every year,” Amell joked, before also quickly saying that he buys his “victims” a beer. When the rest of his cast scoffed at the fact that he would only buy one beer for the stunt guys that he accidentally hit, Amell clarified that he buys them six packs and even once bought a guy a bottle of whiskey.

Also in the video, John Barrowman, who plays Malcom Merlyn (aka the Dark Archer), on Arrow and will be a series regular during season three, talks about how he accidentally kicked Amell in the shin during their first major fight scene together. Barrowman continually apologized, knowing that he had definitely hurt Amell, who Barrowman said had every right to “punch me right now,” but Arrow‘s leading man played it cool, as he kept telling Barrowman, “It’s fine, it’s fine.”

Elsewhere in Arrow news, the show’s season three premiere is only eight weeks away, and yesterday on Twitter, showrunner Marc Guggenheim (who our own Andy Behbakht interviewed at Comic-Con) celebrated Arrow‘s 50th episode by tweeting out a picture of the script. The episode is titled “The Magician,” which Guggenheim insists does not refer to popular DC Comics character Zatanna unfortunately.

Watch the short Q&A video with Amell, Barrowman, and the rest of the Arrow cast right here and make sure to catch the show’s third season premiere on Wednesday, October 8th, at 8 pm on The CW.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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