Brandon Routh Joins Arrow For Season Three As….

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Well, we are gonna make you wait for it. Let’s do this in order. First off, I think everyone is kinda surprised at just how good Arrow is. In premise, it did not seem like it would have had to the potential to make it on its own. But boy, were we off. Truth is, the CW is doing DC comics right. But are you ready for a plot twist? You remember how Brandon Routh played Superman in the first reboot of the series before Man of Steel. The one with Kevin Spacey? Well, that same man was just cast on Arrow, and you will NOT believe who he is playing.


I’m sorry. I know you wanted to hear Superman. I just know it. But no such luck.  Brandon Routh will be joining the third season of Arrow as Atom. Also known as genius scientist and master inventor, Ray Palmer. In case you are wondering what Atom can do, he can alter the size of his own body to any degree, and alter the size and shape of things around him. It may sound a simple enough skill, but imagine all the doors it can open for different scenarios. Atom could be a fun, more golden-age boost to the show.

Oh, and if anyone is flinching thinking this is some made-up character for the show, no way. Atom has been in the DC universe just as long (and prolifically) as some of the other major characters you have been seeing. Look for Brandon Routh (and Atom) to start shaking things up on Arrow next season.

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