The Spine-Tingling Batman Easter Egg from Last Night’s Arrow

Arrow‘s “Suicide Squad” episode last night was quite good, namely because it finally gave John Diggle his due, allowing his center stage for the evening. But it was great for another reason as well. As the Suicide Squad is being assembled in ARGUS headquarters, Diggle fights with his ex-wife, and then…the above happens.

That’s right, that’s Harley Quinn, seen only in silhouette, doling out life advice.  Not only that, but she was voiced by Tara Strong, who voices the character in the recent Arkham games. If you look at her, it’s easy to see that she would be perfect for the part visually, as well as audibly.

Arrow has only had a few Batman-themed references in passing, but it appears to be moving more toward integration with Gotham on some level. There were rumors that they were going to swipe Jeremy from The Vampire Diaries to play Nightwing, and now Strong could perhaps make an appearance as Harley. I’m not sure how likely that would be and if this was just supposed to be a fun little easter egg, but we can hope, can’t we?

I’m wondering how much Batman they’re “allowed” to use, given the DC movies and the upcoming Gotham show on FOX. I doubt we’ll ever see Wayne or the Bat himself, but they can spare a character or two, can’t they?

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