Will There Be an Oliver and Felicity Kiss in Arrow Season 3?

Oliver and Felicity Arrow

Possible spoilers ahead…

Many fans of The CW’s Arrow have also become fans of the relationship between the show’s central hero, Oliver Queen, and the always smart, sometimes awkward, computer-savvy member of his team, Felicity Smoak. Especially in season two of the superhero drama, the tension between the potential couple skyrocketed to new extremes with the introduction of Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, as a possible love interest for Felicity and Oliver’s season two finale “confession” that Felicity was the woman he loved, which turned out to be part of a ploy to defeat Slade even though many still believe Oliver meant what he said. Ultimately, all this romantic back-and-forth has led Olicity (the pair’s “couple name” on the internet) shippers to wonder: will we ever get to see Oliver and Felicity kiss anytime soon? The answer: most likely yes.

Just today an Arrow Twitter account, @ArrowCWTV, tweeted out some pretty low-def video, which they promise will soon be in higher quality, of a new trailer from Arrow. The three second video clip shows Oliver and Felicity about to kiss, and let’s just say that they get so close that something truly dramatic would need to stop them from doing so.

Oliver and Felicity finally kissing on Arrow is just another exciting development for the couple’s fans as the show heads into its third season. There will also be a date between Oliver and Felicity in the premiere (although it doesn’t look like it ends too well), and the fifth episode of season three, entitled “The Secret Origin of Felicity Smoak,” will dive into Felicity’s backstory and introduce her mother, played by Charlotte Ross.

Arrow returns for season three on Wednesday, Oct. 8th, at 8.pm. on The CW.

UPDATE: The full, HD version of the trailer was released this weekend. Get a better look at everything coming up in this season of Arrow, including Oliver and Felicity’s kiss.

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