The Event May Not Be Dead Yet…

Shilo Adams June 1, 2011 4

When The Event was expectedly canceled last month, there were rumblings that the show wasn’t finished yet, as there were reportedly several discussions going about bringing the show to Netflix or a cable network. I immediately wrote that off because a canceled show being brought back is a rare feat and I wasn’t sure that a network would take a chance on The Event. However, I may be proven wrong as there’s a strong contender to bring back the show in a slightly different format.

Deadline is reporting that Syfy is currently in talks to bring The Event back to television, only this time as a miniseries. There are no details as to who would be coming back, for how long, or how many episodes the miniseries would last, but the network is reportedly hammering out the financial details to see if it would make sense to continue doing the show. Deadline also mentions that Syfy has interest in Fox’s much hyped Locke & Key, a pilot that seemed like a lock (ha) to be picked up but was ultimately left off the channel’s 2011-12 schedule.

The Event premiered last fall in very good numbers after a summer-long campaign simply asking “What is the event?”. It couldn’t sustain its numbers and after a lengthy midseason hiatus to relaunch the show failed to ignite much interest, it was one of many shows canceled by NBC. The Event starred (stars?) the likes of Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter, Laura Innes, Zeljko Ivanek, and Scott Patterson.

If The Event was brought back to TV, do you think you’d watch it? Would you rather Syfy pick up The Event, Locke & Key, both, or neither? Who do you think should return if the show gets picked up?

  • domcruise

    i seriously hope syfy does pick up The Event. despite some dodgy acting from the likes of Sarah Roemer and… well, just Sarah Roemer, i thoroughly enjoyed the show and the season finale's cliffhanger was the most epic thing i've seen on tv for a while but was also dissapointing as i 'knew' there would be no more episodes. even if it just comes back as a miniseries, that would be fine. they deserve to get the chance to at least wrap up the show.

    • keith Robberding

      So the event was doing well, they took if off  the air for a hiatus, brought it back to not so good numbers and now, one of the more clever sci-fi  dramas on tv may not come back? are you kidding me? I am furious at the possibility of another network, screwing up entertainment that I am vested in. I want to see what is supposed to happen in the event and all the networks are doing is saying, YEA, we'll promote a show to get you to watch, screw up its continuity, and then screw the fans who have been loyal. There is a responsibility to keep continuity for the true fan to be able to see what happens in their favorite shows. I will be furious if I don't get to see if Sylvia is successful in making the event a reality,

  • Joe Kerr

    Out of curiousity I checked to see if there was any major activity in keeping this show alive.   About all I found was some vague reference by someone associated with producing it that NBC was still trying to find someone to take it off their hands.  Fan activity? Nil.    People are already forgetting about it.

    The show was a muddled mess early on where it was a mishmash of "24" (evil VP character), "West Wing" (mundane political intrigue) and "V" (alien invasions) with too many subplots and characters.  it finally became focused in the final 7 or 8 episodes, but by that time it was too late.  2/3 of viewers had left it behind.  It did finish strong but its just to expensive a show to keep alive on a major network with 4 or 5 million viewers. If they moved it to cable they would have to get rid of most of the remaining characters and slash the budget.  Remote chance it could happen but I doubt it.

    FRINGE was in a similar pickle but it had the advantage of a very small core cast of 3 or 4 regulars and had moved production to low cost Vancouver.  Plus FOX wanted to stay of JJ Abrahms good side. At least that will be back. As will Walking Dead on AMC.   Spielbergs FALLING SKIES alien invasion series started very strong on TNT.  Hopefully it keep most of its viewers. 

    Stick a fork in it – its done.





  • Rosie

    I love the Event I think it's absolutely brilliant and interesting. I wish it would have a second season! It's definately one of my favorite shows :)