Breaking Down “The Flash” Season 4 Promo

Is the Flash finally faster? It might seem so, but there also seems to be something else different with Barry Allen. In the latest promo released by CW for The Flash’s season 4, we see that the Flash is indeed back, as expected. In the final episode of season 3, we saw Barry leave everything behind—his family, his friends, the love of his life, and also his superhero identity. Long story short, Barry needed to go into the speed force to replace Savitar as prisoner. It’ll be an understatement to say that last season was probably the most emotional yet, and we’re expecting a lot from season 4 to top the previous.

The promo opens up with the Flash colliding head on with a pick up truck, stopping it dead on its track. That might have been the exact point when he exited the speed force, but we’re not given clues as to how or why or when. We’re immediately taken to the next scene where Barry’s family and friends are brought in to see him by Central City’s current District Attorney, Cecile. Iris and Joe are told to prepare themselves, but for what? We’re not entirely sure. Maybe for a different Barry? Maybe for a Barry who doesn’t remember anything?

A new Samuroid villain, who might not seem as bad as Savitar, quickly interrupts the reunion. Knowing the comics assures us that there are worse villains than Savitar to come, and it gets us even more excited for the upcoming season. The Samuroid demands for the Flash, and not too long after, we see Cisco announce that the Flash is indeed back. We’re expecting a new suit as well per Cisco, and maybe even a new look for Barry. He does come back from the speed force with a full beard and mustache.

But something else feels different apart from his looks. We don’t hear a single thing from Barry throughout the entire promo. He doesn’t say anything nor does he reach out to anyone. There’s also a different look in his eyes. It isn’t darkness, but it’s definitely somber. We don’t know how much time he spent in the speed force by himself, but surely it has affected him somehow. It looks serious and far from the smiling Barry Allen we got used to in the last 3 seasons. We see the Flash speed around a few times more in the promo, seemingly faster than he ever was. There’s also a scene taken in the old reactor space in STAR Labs. It seems as if Barry speeds his way out of one of the chambers. If that is the case, why is the Flash locked up in the first place?

We have so many questions, but we’ve got an entire season to look forward to for answers. We’re looking forward to finding out if we’ll be seeing Caitlyn Snow or Killer Frost, and we’re also wondering what role Tom Cavanagh will be playing next. The Flash is set to premiere on Tuesday, October 10.

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