The Following Preview: The FBI Makes a Move

Clarissa February 11, 2013 0

The FollowingWe got a glimpse into Ryan’s personal history this week on The Following when Maggie kidnapped his sister Jenny in order to lure Ryan to the New York burroughs.  Through some flashbacks we learned that Ryan clearly believes that death follows him and his family everywhere, which probably accounts for why he feels so entangled with Joe’s story.  Maggie managed to taunt and torture Ryan, but a last-minute save by Mike resulted in Maggie’s death.

Meanwhile, Paul delivered some shocking news at the farmhouse: Jacob has never actually killed anyone.  When Maggie learned about this, she insisted that Jacob be the one to kill the woman being kept in the basement in order to prove his loyalty to the group.  Jacob was ultimately unable to do it and chose to let the woman escape instead.  But that plan was all for naught, because Maggie and Paul caught up with her and captured her again.  Later, the two of them hopped in a shower together to clean off the mud and blood and then invited Paul in with them, turning this murderous trio into a full-blown threesome.

Young Joey also managed to spot a cell phone hidden in the farmhouse and got his hands on it by the end of the episode (and Maggie’s retrieved cell phone revealed the farm house’s general location).  In next week’s episode, Joey reaches out to his mother and, after the call, Ryan and Parker set a plan in motion that causes the farm house threesome to panic.  In prison, Joe seeks out a lawyer from his past with deadly consequences.

Watch a preview below for the February 18 episode of The Following on Fox.