The Game: Tia Mowery Leaves The Show; What Does This Mean For Its Future?

The Game Tia Mowery HardrictThe Game has lost another team player from its starting line up.

Tonight, fans of the BET hit comedy were shocked to learn that Tia Mowry Hardrict, aka Melanie Barnett Davis on the show, will not be coming back for The Game‘s sixth season next year. The actress announced the news from her Twitter account either during or after a new episode of The Game aired tonight on BET. Website picked up on the statement immediately afterwards and fans are devastated.

“Just wanted to let all my fans know that I will not be returning to The Game for season 6. It was an incredible run and I had lots of fun,” Mowry Hardrict tweeted to her followers.

Today, Mowry Hardrict appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, but there was no mention whatsoever of her departure from the cast of The Game. She only promoted her new book “Oh Baby!,” which hit bookstores today, and the second season of her hit Style reality series, Tia and Tamera.

So what gives? While slightly shocking, the news of Melanie’s departure might mean the end of Melanie and Derwin as we know it. Pooch Hall has already been cast a series regular on Ray Donovan, a new Showtime pilot which was picked up, and will only have a recurring role next season in the vein of Colby Bell’s Jason Pitts. The only two regular cast members at this point will be Wendy Raquel Robinson and Hosea Chanchez, unless the creators (finally) bump Barry Floyd’s Tee Tee to full-time status. But even then, The Game could be a dark and ugly shadow of its former self. What can the show do to retain its audience? Here are a few suggestions:

1) Bring Back Brittany Daniel as Kelly Pitts

Before the current season of The Game began, cast members and producers promised (in some capacity) that we would see Kelly Pitts, Jason’s distraught ex-wife, in hypothetical season six. The GameNow with season six being an actual reality, let’s hope the producers stick to their promise and bring Brittany Daniel back as a full-time cast member.

2) Bring Brandy’s Chardonnay on as a Full Time Cast Member

This suggestion is a bit tricky given that not too may people are fond of Brandy’s Chardonnay character. Don’t believe me? Check out AfterBuzzTV’s The Game Aftershow podcasts/videos and see what I mean. If BET decided to not use Kelly Pitts again next year, Chardonnay could come into play as a legit football wife. That is if Jason really does love her as he claims to. The show needs football wives and Chardonnay is the only one on the docket at the moment. But will Brandy fit in perfectly with the cast? She has had little to any interaction with the other cast members, so we still don’t know how well she will mesh with the group. However, if Brandy’s singing career takes off again, Chardonnay may become a thing of the past between now and when the show begins filming again.

3) Cancel The Game After Season Six for Good… Or Revamp The Premise.

For me, this is the only logical solution at the moment. The Game is clearly not going to reclaim its glory days and with only two of the original cast members still intact, the show has (or will) lose its appeal from old and new fans alike. Season Six should be the last quarter for The Sabers and Sunbeams of San Diego, California for good this time around, unless the producers decide to spin the show off to focus solely on Tasha Mack and her erratic love life or something. Other than that, we should prep ourselves for a decent farewell to The Game come next year this time.

On the other hand, just because our focal couple (Derwin and Melanie) will be gone next year, doesn’t mean that the show can’t go on. Two shows come to mind that managed to last way after their focal characters left in the middle of their popularity. One being Beverly Hills, 90210. The Walsh Twins and their parents introduced us to the world of snobby rich Beverly Hills kids, who later took over the show once the Walshes all left the series throughout its run. The second show, A Different World, took Denise Huxtable out of the equation and became another show altogether. Later on, the show casted new college freshmen to keep the collegiate appeal, while the original characters took on more adult/mentor roles. The Game could do the same thing. But will it work?

What’s your take on Tia Mowry Hardrict’s impending departure from The Game? What do you think the show should do to save face?

Sources: Tia Mowry Hardrict Twitter, ThatGrapeJuice.TV

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  • mike

    I think that they should hire her sister to take her spot. They are twins so it makes perfect sense to me to replace her with her twin, or Essence Atkins from smart guy they look a little alike.

  • Lisa

    I think ur ratings will go down with out tia and pooch u dont have a show so think about it i will not watch this season without them. Very disappointed and u dont need lauren London on the show either

  • Big Bad Wolf

    I’m not sure what it means 4 the show but i won’t b watchin it. That show is mainly about Melanie & Derwin without them there is no show. Wtf was BET thinking?

  • LaMont

    Me personally I wont be watchin the game.. Why would they mess with a main stars role… The game withot Tia is like the Cosbys witout bill

  • Pleasha

    I agree that Tia’s twin sister should take over her role, after all Tia landed the role after her sister told her she was going to the audition and she snaked into the part of Melody.
    Talk about poetic justice!

  • Deborah

    I think they should bring Tia and Pooch back. They made the show or maybe they should let her twin sister play her part with Derwin. I watch last night and it was not the same.