The Good Wife’s Emmy Campaign Goes After: True Detective, Breaking Bad and More

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The Good Wife is tired of being shut out of the Emmys by its cable and pay-channel brethren, so they’re mounting a fierce campaign to say they deserve a moment in the sun. Their argument? They have more episodes per year.

In a chart they fashioned above, they show how the top show of the year all only produce either half or even a third of the episodes they do. The half-seasons of Mad Men and Breaking Bad that qualify only have seven and eight episodes each. True Detective in its entirety has eight. But the Good Wife? 22.

The idea here is that they produce 22 high quality episodes a year which is twice as tough as what everyone else is doing. I have not watched the show past half of season one, but I’m not sure if I support that argument. In fact, what prevents me from getting into network shows like The Good Wife is that A) they’re usually pretty procedural, even if they’re good and B) 22-24 episodes a season is just too much. I like when entire seasons of shows are eight to ten episodes, as it makes the story arcs far more digestible. For as much as I may love a show like Arrow, I can’t help but think it would be better as a 12 episode season rather than almost double that. I breathed a sigh of relief when the new 24 miniseries wasn’t going to be 24 full episodes like its predecessors.

What do you think, does The Good Wife have a point, or is this campaign misguided?

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  • Rodzilla

    I think The Good Wife is a great show, one of the few network TV series I regularly watch. In my opinion, yes, they deserve an Emmy.

  • blockhead601

    The Good Wife has produced 4 seasons of exceptional quality with relatively few missteps. So we fault them for producing too many episodes of a show that is well written, acted, produced and overall executed? The other shows are great shows. The Emmys have a tendency to honor the new kid on the block or to miss that by a year and reward a subpar show after they’ve peaked. TGW has the procedural case issues, the work relationship issues, the marriage & family issues, the relationship between the firm & the long-term clients, and they do it with flair and intelligence, allowing every cast member to shine, not just focusing on J. M. They are long over due for a Best Dramatic Series win.