The Good Wife: Kristin Chenoweth Cast as Political Reporter

The Good Wife Kristin ChenowethJust when you thought The Good Wife couldn’t possibly add another notch on their casting belt, they go and sign the Tony and Emmy award-winning Kristin Chenoweth for a recurring role in their upcoming season. According to a CBS, Chenoweth will join The Good Wife in September’s season four premiere, as a political journalist looking to get to the bottom of Peter’s bid for Governor.

Perhaps the most exciting prospect of this new character is imaging what kinds of secrets she’ll be unearthing. Assuming news of Peter (Chris Noth) and Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) separation gets leaked (let’s face it, if Patti Nyholm (Martha Plimpton) and Louis Canning (Michael J. Fox) know, it’s not going to stay a secret for long), Chenoweth’s character is sure to get the hunch that not everything in Cook County is what it seems. As Peter’s campaign manager, Eli (Alan Cumming) will be wishing for the days when Becca (Dreama Walker) was simply tweeting about the Florrick family during a spare period in school.

Thinking about the ramifications of a reporter digging through everyone’s business is enough to make fans of The Good Wife want to start wishing away the summer months. We’ve seen Eli Gold befriend journalists in the past, but will he find a friend or foe in Chenoweth’s character? Will Alicia’s affair with Will (Josh Charles) make the headlines, or will Chenoweth’s character find something even juicier from Peter’s corruption-filled past? Will Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) get caught up in campaign drama (or will he be the one feeding the madness)? One thing’s for sure: The Florricks better be looking at a hefty bonus structure for Eli who will be stuck managing the debauchery.

Despite the fact September is still months away, fans of The Good Wife continue to be handsomely rewarded with casting news over the summer hiatus. The announcement of Chenoweth’s role comes on the heels of news that Maura Tierney and Marc Warren will also be joining the one-hour legal drama this fall. For more season 4 news, browse and bookmark our Good Wife page.

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