Tonight on The Good Wife: Alicia Receives a Tempting Offer (Sneak Peek)

The opening of last week’s preview for The Good Wife could easily apply again as Michael J. Fox returns tonight as antagonist Louis Canning and Alicia will be facing him in court once again. Fox isn’t the only returning guest star as Will’s ex-girlfriend Tammy (Elizabeth Reaser) and potential Diane (Christine Baranski) love interest Jack Copeland (Bryan Brown) are also featuring tonight.

The last time Canning appeared it marked a significant moment for Alicia this season; her daughter went missing (or rather she didn’t, Alicia just feared she had) and Alicia broke things off with Will (Josh Charles). Canning offered Alicia a job, as he does whenever he crosses paths with her and tonight Canning will do the same, but will Alicia take this offer seriously considering her financial situation?

Last week Alicia found out that her comfortable living arrangement was about to be disrupted and so she began to seriously look at buying a new place; this even included an emotional trip back to their family home in Highland Park, a house that is now back on the market. As Alicia discovered in that tear inducing scene you can never really go home when there are moments of hurt and betrayal amidst happy memories. Alicia did approach Diane regarding this raise but the matter wasn’t resolved; will Alicia use this offer from Canning as leverage? Will Diane give Alicia what she wants? Considering the Caitlin (Anna Camp) twist (that was completely unexpected and brilliant) in the last episode it would seem likely that Alicia will have an increased work load and Alicia already has more responsibility with Will’s forced absence.

Will of course is still working in a limited capacity and figuring out exactly what he can and can’t do all seems to be down to semantics and asking hypothetical questions. One of these conversations occurred between Will and Alicia in “Long Way Home” and it showed that these two may no longer be having a sexual relationship, but there is still a closeness and affection between them.

This could be challenged this week with Tammy’s return who looks happy to see her ex, but also finds the time to confront Alicia who she blames for the ending of her relationship with Will. In this promo you will see that Alicia is less than happy with Tammy’s appearance. Tammy’s presence is thanks to this week’s case as they are taking on professional hockey and sports are Tammy’s area of expertise.

Diane’s love life is a little less complicated; after all the stress with the firm and the male egos in the office that Diane has to contend with she definitely deserves some fun. Jack could be the right distraction, that’s as long as he doesn’t come to the office to serve any papers of course. Jack isn’t Diane’s only potential suitor and Gary Cole will be featuring as gun expert Kurt McVeigh; double the enjoyment for both Diane and viewers.

Cary (Matt Czuchry) is another character who has let his personal and professional life become entangled and he told Peter (Chris Noth) about his relationship with Dana (Monica Raymund) after another supervisor was punished for sleeping with co-worker. Peter was willing to let this slide but Cary insisted that he should punished too, this matter was left unresolved so will we find Cary hanging out with Will in a suspended lawyers club?

Are you looking forward to seeing Michael J. Fox again? Will Alicia take Canning’s offer? How will Alicia react to Tammy’s accusations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

In excellent news CBS has renewed The Good Wife for a fourth season and to see our thoughts on this head here. For a promo of tonight’s episode “Gloves Come Off” head here.

For a sneak peek of tonight’s episode watch the video below.


  • Glitterkorn

    Three questions, three answers. I love starting my Sundays off this way!

    Are you looking forward to seeing Michael J. Fox again?

    In a word, yes. Of course, the last time we saw Canning was during the horrific "Parenting Made Easy," and episode I'm not entirely over, even though it aired in December. At that time we saw a kinder, gentler side of Canning, that was, before he made off with paper from Alicia's briefcase. Unfortunately, that incident made him seem more like Jackie than a viable job employer.

    Will Alicia take Canning's offer?

    I just can't see Alicia leaving Lockhart Gardner, at least not yet. Also, I feel if the show made this move, they would have to bring on Michael J Fox full-time, so my behind-the-scenes senses tell me his offer will, yet again, go unanswered. Alicia has many admirable traits, one of which is loyalty. She's not going to jump ship if Diane can't approve a 5% raise. She sticks things out. That's what she did with Peter and I think it's what we'll see her do here. Also, based on the above pictures, working at Lockhart Gardner means she also gets to share tables (bench seats) with Will. In my book, that's difficult to walk away from… unless it means dating him on a full-time basis (oh for the love of Team Gardner).

    How will Alicia react to Tammy's accusations?

    With her intimidating, "You're out of control" stare! I'm so excited for some Tammy time, it's probably not healthy. Her arrival back in Will's life is going to stir some strong emotions in Alicia when it comes to Will and that can only mean good things. I have enjoyed all Tammy/Alicia interactions in the past, and I'm certain this won't be any different. I don't know what Alicia will say, but I have a feeling she'll remain stoic. Whenever anyone else has accused her of having a relationship with Will (minus the grand jury), she has kept quiet. There's no reason to think she's going to admit to much with Tammy. My only hope? That Alicia goes back to her office and says, "three pointer this, and three pointer that" in her Tammy voice.

    • @ladyp5762

      Three pointer this and three pointer that…hahaha! PRICELESS!

      Damn Tammy, Alicia ALWAYS has had Will's heart and still does from all that I can see!

      I would love to find out later this season that the affair never ended between them, maybe it just took a "pause"… as a Will and Alicia fan…one can only hope! :-)

      If Alicia leaves for Louis Canning's firm the show will not be the same. There would be no reason to be at Lockhart Gardner and 3/4 of that great office ensemble is just out there in libo…it would be worse than the scenes we get from the SA office! I know Diane is NOT going to like it one bit that Alicia is asking for more when they are already stretched so thin…minus Will and Caitlin! Alicia will have leverage, but at what cost. Diane and even Will will start questioning her loyalty….the same "pouched" advice she gave Caitlin, she should listen to as well.

  • kate

    I love Michael J Fox,so yes,I totally approve ;) As to the job offer,I agree with you,even if it's only based on my similiar feeling that he won't be full-time on The Good Wife. And about Tammy,I'm really looking forward to this interaction,and stoic makes sense to me also,but when she last time spoke with her in 2.19 she couldn't supress the biggest smile ever I think I've seen her with,so…anyway,it WILL be interesting ;)

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