The Legend of Korra Video Game?

Legend of Korra Finale

Avatar never spawned a particularly good bending based video game, and it looks like Legend of Korra won’t be getting one anytime soon either. While the show has turned out to be a huge success, there are currently no plans to produce a Legend of Korra video game. In a Q&A released before the finale of Legend of Korra, co-creator Michael Dante DiMartino revealed some of the side projects currently in development and specifically shot down any hopes of a console based Korra game. “There’s some online stuff they’re working on. No console games at this point. The other thing—a lot of fans know about them—are the comics we’re doing with Dark Horse. Vol. 2 of the first set just came out, and it seems like people are reading it because it’s selling really well. It’s a cool way to see the old characters again, and there are some little Easter Eggs in there setting up the idea of Republic City and what happens in Korra. So it’s a nice little bridge story.”

Concerning the burning questions surrounding the death of Avatar lead Aang, DiMartino pulled no punches in reminding us that as beloved as the Last Airbender might be, he’s just a tangential character in the Legend of Korra universe. “That’s certainly an interesting arena to explore. You know, I know a lot of fans get upset when we don’t have enough time to explore every side character fully. We just have a limited amount of time, so we have to figure out the best story we want to tell and how we can best tell that, and how to weave in all that backstory stuff and character stuff. But it all has to be in service of the main plot.” Translation: watch for more Avatar comics from Dark Horse.

As for what is next for Legend of Korra, DiMartino and partner Bryan Konietzko gave only vague hints. “There’s definitely a significant part in Republic City, but there’s also a little more exploration of some other areas which we won’t tell you about just yet.”

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