NBC Effectively Cancels The Michael J. Fox Show

michael j fox

Well, this was probably inevitable. Despite being picked up for a full season in an unheard of deal back in 2013, The Michael J. Fox Show just didn’t deliver the ratings NBC wanted, and has now effectively been killed by the network. It joins the also recently cancelled Sean Saves the World, and its remaining episodes have been pulled and replaced with Hollywood Game Night.

It was such a big deal for NBC to land Michael J. Fox in his return to television, they agreed to the normally very risky full season order for his show. Unfortunately, it simply didn’t pan out, and while their comedy staples like Parks and Recreation and Community live on, their new ventures like Sean Saves the World and The Michael J. Fox show all fell flat.

The show wasn’t bad per se, just relatively underwhelming, and not enough to draw in a proper audience. I have to wonder if these pulled episodes will ever air, or if they’ll all show up on Netflix in a year or so.

Are you sad about the show being killed, or do you think it was the right move for NBC?

[Photo via Eric Liebowitz/NBC]

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  • Aidan Williams

    I am really sad and disappointed with NBC come on NBC you could have put it on a different night with other shows that are doing well. So angry