The Middle 5.11 Review: “War of the Hecks”

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Sibling rivalry turned serious this week when Axl and Sue got into a pretty heated prank war.

Anyone who has a sibling can probably relate to the fight between a brother and sister.  It all started as a semi-innocent prank war once Sue discovered that Axl was responsible for taking her mascot head a year earlier.  She attempted to get back at him by filling his car with soap and other little things, but as soon as she accidentally dropped Axl’s prized (but notably disgusting) game jersey into a fire, things got serious.  Axl’s feelings were visibly hurt, and he walked away denouncing her as his sister.

Sue tries every possible way to apologize to Axl, including having Brick read a letter she wrote.  Axl won’t hear any of it, until she shows up in his room with her favorite stuffed animal that she loves as much as Axl loved his jersey.  She rips the arms and head of her beloved toy while bawling her eyes out, just begging for the chance to be his sister again.  Much to Sue’s delight, Axl accepts her apology.

All worked out well for those two, but not so much for the other ongoing fight in the household between the newest honorary member of the Heck family, Colin Firth, and Mike.  A couple months ago Frankie found the stray dog and brought him home, where he only ever really warmed up to her.  He’s been barking at Mike for no reason, and finally Frankie agrees to keep posting fliers to find his original owner if Mike and Colin Firth don’t start getting along.  The cutest scene of the night belongs to Colin Firth when he ends up getting comfortable just lying on the couch with Mike watching a basketball game.

The blooming friendship between Mike and Colin Firth comes to a sudden end when Frankie ends up taking Colin Firth back to who she thought was his previous owner.  Her boss, Dr. Goodwin, played by Jack McBrayer, had been trying to get Frankie to be more of a friend than just an employee.  He kept her out after work for a few nights to even watch his first attempt at stand-up comedy, which was a failure.  Frankie learns that he’s just lonely because his only friend, his dog, had run away two months ago.

With a heavy heart, Frankie packs up all of Colin Firth’s chew toys and says goodbye to her favorite member of the family.  Colin Firth instantly loves Dr. Goodwin, tackling him and happily licking his face, even though he isn’t his old dog.  I thought Frankie should have just told him the truth then that her family found him and loved him, but she saw firsthand how lonely Dr. Goodwin has been so it makes sense that she would leave the dog with him.  I just hope that the Hecks adopt another dog soon!

[Photo via Michael Ansell/ABC]

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