The Middle 5.19 Review: “The Wind Chimes”

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After a 3 week hiatus, this episode of The Middle picks up the day after Sue’s prom where Darrin swept her off her feet and rekindled their relationship.

Sue couldn’t be more excited to tell her family that she’s back with Darrin, and at first they don’t care at all.  In fact, I’d bet they all ignored her overly excited proclamation of love.  After a while Frankie starts actually listening when Sue talks about her plans to go to a one year old’s birthday party with Darrin.  Frankie jumps to conclusions that maybe Darrin is too mature for Sue since he has friends that have babies, and she consequently gets under Mike’s skin so that he punishes Sue from going to the party.

Mike finally unleashes his frustrations out on Frankie after she’s constantly harping on one issue or another.  Like he said, he almost always doesn’t care about anything that’s going on around him, but it’s because of her nagging that he only ever acts out.  He spoke the truth when he said, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”  Poor Mike.

Brooke Shields reprises her role as the Hecks’ white trash neighbor, Rita Glossner.  In the past, she’s only ever been a problem for the Hecks and this is no different when she suddenly puts about 20 wind chimes outside of her house for the entire neighborhood to hear.  The chimes irritate the Hecks to no end, but only Frankie takes a stand against her.  This made me crack up because I’ve honestly had to put rubber bands around my own mom’s wind chimes before when they’d keep me up at night.

Brick’s keeping himself busy most of this episode with his new found fascination with pretzels.  He first calls the 1-800 number to leave constructive comments about their product, but he also starts to come up with new ideas for pretzel creations.  The funniest moment of the episode actually involved Brick and Mike sharing a hilarious exchange that felt all too real to me.

Mike: “You know the rule.  No talking when the TV’s on.”

Brick: “But the TV’s always on.”

Mike: “And why do you think that is?”

Who among us can’t relate to that annoyance of people talking when you’re trying to watch a show?

Axl and Hutch plan on rooming together next year, and they’re already off to a great start with the incredible find of a free couch for their apartment.  The only thing is, Hutch found it at a dumpster and it’s as utterly disgusting as you’d imagine.  It’s dirty, stained, and missing a cushion but the guys even have a plan to use that missing seat as their bowl/trashcan when they’re watching games and shows like Revenge on it.  I was really surprised that out of all ABC shows, the writers would make Axl obsessed with Revenge.  I guess everyone really does have their own guilty pleasure show.

So what’d you think?  Which of the Hecks could you relate to the most this week?

[Photo via Michael Ansell/ABC]

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