Andy Richter Will Guest Star on The Millers


I love Conan O’ Brien. Therefore, by default, I love Andy Richter, his charming and often befuddled sidekick. There is just a real down-to-Earth likability about the guy. He has also proven his comedic chops by being on his own sitcoms, and even playing himself (and his many twins) on Arrested Development. Well, looks like Richter and Will Arnett will be getting a TV reunion of sorts very soon, as Andy will be guest starring on Arnett’s new show, The Millers. Not sure if you are paying attention, but this is the second Arrested reunion on this show.

We last announced that Jeffery Tambor was going to be The Millers, and now we happily announce Andy Richter will do the same. Granted, in both cases, they were just guest stars, but we cannot help but notice a trend here. Perhaps we can get a full Bluth reunion on that show at some point? Hey, weirder stuff has happened.

Andy Richter will be playing Doug, someone Arnett’s character works with and tries to befriend to make himself look cooler. Sounds like there is a lot of potential here for some twisted comic scenarios, but we will not even begin to speculate on what that could be. Just the very idea that Arnett would be trying to look cooler by hanging out with Andy Richter seems like it could be just insane enough to work.

Having also done guest stints on Happy Endings and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, seems like Richter knows a good sitcom when he sees one. Will be curious to see what brad of humor be brings to The Millers when his spot finally airs. Details about that as soon as we get them. Read more at TV Line.

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