The Mindy Project 2.19 Review: “Think Like a Peter”


It was hard for me to watch The Mindy Project tonight. After last week’s break up between Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and Danny (Chris Messina), I didn’t think there was much reason to continue tuning in. Then I remembered that The Mindy Project is one of the funniest shows on TV right now, even if that means Minny (yea, I’m pushing for that name to go viral on Twitter) are no longer together. The latest episode entitled, “Think Like a Peter,” focused on Mindy getting out and dating with extremely awkward and humorous results.

The episode begins with Mindy dating a dud named Phil. He is that creepy guy you can’t ever seem to get rid of and Mindy is disgusted by him. Danny sees that Mindy is upset, and understandably she does not want to talk about her relationships woes with someone she has just stopped seeing.  She seeks advice from Peter (Adam Pally), because at this crazy office he is the next best choice for advice after Danny.

Peter’s recommendation is pretty simple. Mindy needs to start thinking “like a Peter.” This means she should start dating everyone and then cut them loose as soon as possible. It is Fleet Week, so Peter invites Mindy to go out on the town with him. While at the bar, Mindy lays eyes on the guest star of the week: Max Greenfield, who we just watched earlier on New Girl. Peter helps Mindy come up with the perfect pick up line. She walks over to the bar, orders a whiskey, talks Lee (Greenfield) up, and of course spits her drink up all over him. It seems to work, though I don’t know the odds of that actually being pulled off in real life.  The two are hitting it off, but Peter advises Mindy to play hard to get. The tip worked! Lee is interested. The only downfall is that Mindy brings him back to her place and he is long gone before she even wakes up.

Mindy is not upset about it. Lee left his scarf at her place, so she believes he wants to see her again. Peter disagrees and says it is only a mistake. Mindy and Peter must go in search of Lee to see if he really is interested. My guess is he is not, since Max Greenfield is busy filming New Girl. Mindy and Peter arrive at the school Lee teaches at and he is mortified. He admits it was an accident and then asks if Mindy is a parent. Way to knock Mindy while she is already down. Peter tries to get Lee to apologize and then realizes he is just as bad as Lee. Well, not entirely as horrible. Lee is married and a d-bag, while Peter is just a d-bag. Luckily, Peter gets one good punch in before he leaves.  The whole time this was going on, all I could think was this school needs better security letting two adults with no children enter the building.

Elsewhere in the office, Danny finds Morgan (Ike Barinholz) and Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) making out in the pantry.  The last we knew, Morgan was crushing on Tamra. I guess she finally decided to reciprocate those feelings. Danny decides to give Tamra some love advice. Danny has Tamra make a pros and cons list for Morgan and her boyfriend Rayron, so she can decide who she should be with. And though Morgan is an ex-con, that is definitely a pro in Tamra’s book! However, Danny gets Tamra to change her mind when he alerts her to the fact office relationships never work out.

Morgan is crushed by the news. To make him feel better, Danny takes Morgan out to lunch. On the way t,hey stop at Rayron’s (Josh Peck, reprising his role) work. Morgan spills the beans about what happened between he and Tamra. Rayron is cool with it and thanks Danny for convincing Tamra to stay with him. Upon hearing this, Morgan has decided that he will not treat Danny like a friend. They are strictly co-workers from now on.  That sounds like a pretty comical plotline for next week! Hopefully, we will see more Tamra, Betsy (Zoe Jarmon), and Beverly (Beth Grant) too. They are the greatest secondary characters on TV and are gradually getting more screen time then they had been in recent episodes.

In the end, Mindy apologizes to Phil for blowing him off. He accepts and asks Mindy to dinner. Instead of leading him on, she tells the truth. Of course, he doesn’t get the hint. Danny comes out of his office looking for Mindy, only to find that she is gone for the day. He calls Sally (Joanna Garcia Swisher, shown too briefly)  and as the two are watching TV in bed, the camera pans to a pair of earrings Mindy has left under Danny’s bed. This is similar to what Lee did, except Mindy was doing it on purpose. There is still hope for a Minny reunion before the season ends!

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