The Mindy Project 2.20 Review: “An Officer and a Gynecologist”


Was I the only one who thought that nothing really happened on the latest episode of The Mindy Project entitled, “An Officer and a Gynecologist”? Don’t get me wrong.  I thought it was enjoyable to watch, but the characters did not really do anything to advance the storyline. Some like Jeremy (Ed Weeks) or Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) were not even shown.

The episode began with Mindy (Mindy Kaling) putting together a box filled with stuff from her exes.  Mindy finally announced what we have known since the first season. She likes white guys.  Some are short and some are tall, but they are all Caucasian.  She’s dated so many it is almost just one huge white blur this season beginning with James Franco and ending most recently Danny (Chris Messina).  After she has put all of the mementos in the box she decides to swear off men, at least for the time being.

Mindy is back at the office talking to a teenage girl named Jenny.  Jenny is new to college and has been sheltered by her father.  Mindy and Morgan (Ike Barinholz) advise Jenny to start using birth control.  They even have a clever tune to help her remember to take her pill, which makes Mindy realize she hasn’t taken her own dosage in weeks.  Does that mean a Minny (yes I am still using the term) baby is not far off?

Tim Daly is one of the two guest stars this week. He is playing Jenny’s father and he is NOT pleased Mindy has given his daughter a prescription for birth control.  Mindy stands her ground and gives Detective Charlie a piece of her mind.  As a result, he writes her a ticket for Public Female Hysteria.  I could not find any information that that crazy law still exists, but it would not surprise me if it did. I do know in Michigan you cannot leave your alligator tied to a fire hydrant.

Jenny ends up getting in a fight with Charlie and shows up on Mindy’s front stoop.  She asks if she can stay with her while she is on Spring Break.  Mindy asks why she can’t stay with her mom.  Jenny responds that she is at the morgue.  Don’t worry.  She just works at one.  That would be a good trick to use on people to get what you want.  It worked in this scenario.  Mindy allows Jenny to move in.

Later in the episode, Jenny calls Mindy to inform her she will be going to a party.  Mindy won’t allow her to go, but does offer her own apartment to hold a shindig.  When Mindy arrives home, she is mortified. Jenny has turned her apartment into a teenage make out fest.  Not only that, but Morgan has been handcuffed to the bed.  Jenny has a small crush on him.  In order to get everyone to leave, Mindy calls Detective Charlie.  He threatens to plant drugs on some of the kids to get them to leave.

In the end, Mindy does advise Jenny to make good decisions. It is not bad to wait to have sex.  Detective Charlie overhears this and the next day stops Mindy on the street.  He writes her another ticket for jaywalking.  He also does some flirting, so he may be back next week.  As much as I do like Mindy and Danny together, Tim Daly is a great actor and a good match against Danny to vow for Mindy’s heart.

The “B-Storyline” was so ridiculous it is almost not even worth mentioning.  Danny is mistaken for being Jewish by a Rabbi (Peter MacNichol) on the subway.  Since the Rabbi thinks Danny is a Jewish doctor, he wants to offer his services to the women of his congregation.  The Rabbi invites Danny to dinner to discuss this.  Frantic for tips on how to appear Jewish, Danny seeks out advice from Peter (Adam Pally).  The two go to dinner where Danny admits he is not Jewish and the Rabbi asks him to leave.  We also learn that Peter is not circumcised, in case you were wondering.

Joanna Garcia is back as Sally, but like the last episode she barely has any screen time.  Danny has an epiphany that he still is in love with Mindy.  He meets up with Sally at the end of the episode to talk, probably to break up with her.

By my predictions, there are only two episodes left of the season. So, if Danny wants to make a move on Mindy, he better do it fast.  Well, I guess he has all of season three to take care of that if the writers really want to make the viewers wait.

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