The Mindy Project 2.22 Review: “Danny and Mindy”

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It is that time of the year again. It is hard to believe the TV season is winding down.  It is always a bittersweet moment once May hits. Season finales are usually super awesome, but that also means we have to wait until September, or even October, before we get to see fresh episodes of our favorite shows.  The latest episode of The Mindy Project, was in fact the season-ender.  I was expecting a fairy-tale ending and Kaling and company did not disappoint.

The episode, “Danny and Mindy,” begins with our lovely main character flirting with a man on the subway.  Mindy (Mindy Kaling) is with Danny (Chris Messina), and he is clearly not pleased with the “eye banging” as Peter (Adam Pally) so lovingly put it.  Days later, Mindy is reading “Is It You,” where people post comments about people they run into in hopes they will read it.  There is a post from a guy named Andy that describes their meeting on the subway perfectly.  Danny advises Mindy to not email him back, but the episode would have been pretty boring had she not done so.  There is one problem in the way of Mindy meeting her dream man.  She is still dating Charlie (Tim Daly).

I am sure you have figured out by now that Danny is actually Adam.  This is his weird way of trying to win his woman back.  The first person who finds out about the “catfishing” is Morgan (Ike Barinholz).  He is at the office emailing “Andy” and after he sends the messages, the computer in Danny’s office lights up.  Morgan confronts Danny, who ends up spilling the beans of his past relationship with Mindy.  He asks Morgan to keep the secret.  He agrees to do so if Danny hooks him back up with Tamra (Xosha Roquemore).

With the help of Morgan and Tamra, Danny decides to dress like Bradley Cooper and meet Mindy at the Empire State Building. She still thinks he is “Andy” and agrees to the meeting.  First, she has dinner with Charlie and breaks things off with him.  He is not surprised or upset and lets her go find her man.  He also advises her to not let Danny get in the way of her happiness.  I really liked Daly and hope he will be back in the future.

On her way to meet “Andy,” Mindy calls Danny in a panic.  She has gum in her hair and needs help getting it out.  He quickly changes out of his Bradley Cooper suit and buzzes Mindy upstairs.  Didn’t Mindy move into the building last week? If so, why does she need to be buzzed up?  Mindy informs Danny that she is glad they broke up and then heads to the Empire State Building.  This statement causes Danny to ditch Mindy.

The next day, the office is upset at Danny for not meeting Mindy.  She ends up getting a cold.  Danny rushes to her aid with soup and the Guinness Book of World Records. That actually does sound like something I would peruse when I am sick.  The two begin to reconnect (as friends) over an unspecified period of time.  This brings us back to the subway where Mindy sees “Andy” freaks out on him.  Danny must admit what he did.  Not surprisingly, Mindy is crushed.

Danny informs Mindy that he will be back at the Empire State Building at 8 PM.  He will wait there all night if he has to.  At 9:15 PM, Mindy is still at work.  Her co-workers let her know that Danny really does love her.  Peter shows her a box that contains a pair of earrings that Mindy lost a few episodes ago.  Mindy rushes to meet Danny.  She runs into yet another obstacle.  The elevator is broken at the Empire State Building.  She now must walk up 104 flights of stairs to be with Danny.  This never happens in a romantic comedy!

After a long day of work the staff is walking home. They see Danny at a pizza place.  They coax him to return to the Empire State Building because Mindy is there looking for him.  Lucky for Danny, the elevator was fixed just moments after Mindy takes the stairs.  He makes it to the top of the building and finally finds a wheezing Mindy on the ground.  The two share a rom-com style kiss and appear to be enjoying a happily-ever-moment, which includes playfully arguing over how many children they will have.

There you have it:  A satisfying conclusion to an above average season.  Though The Mindy Project pulls in less than stellar ratings, I hope FOX will let this sitcom continue on past the third season mark.  Kaling and Brainholz are writing geniuses, plus the addition of Pally this season has been a delight.  I cannot wait to see what is in store for us next season.  Hopefully there will be more from scene-stealers Beverly (Beth Grant) and Betsy (Zoe Jarmon).

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