The Originals 1.18 Review: “The Big Uneasy”

Tensions between the feuding supernatural factions on The Originals are high as ever when we’re welcomed back to New Orleans this week.  A foreboding message scrawled in blood on a wall reads “there will be no peace” and that pretty much says it all because it’s obvious that there will in fact be bloodshed galore.
Genevieve convinces Elijah to allow for the witches to celebrate their feast day in which the public can make offerings to them in exchange for blessings.  Obviously the young Harvest witches play a big role in the day, but Monique has some issues with Davina being revered as an equally powerful witch.  She whines to Genevieve that Davina didn’t have to suffer the kind of losses that she did, but let’s not forget that Monique killed her own aunt just a few months ago so she really shouldn’t be complaining.  Either way, Genevieve and Monique are just plain mean to Davina by not allowing her to receive any gifts at the party.
Davina doesn’t go empty handed by the end of the night because Klaus did grant her a surprising gift.  In addition to absolving Josh of his past sins against him, Klaus took it one step further and gifted Davina with a ring meant for Josh and a page from Esther’s grimoire containing the spell for daylight rings.  This is exciting because now we’ll definitely get to see more of Josh!  He just better be careful when Klaus discovers that he’s siding with Marcel.
Speaking of Marcel, he’s still having a hard time convincing his other vampire friends like Diego to join him in this fight against the Originals.  Marcel makes a rather bold move in sending a group of humans to crash the feast day party and sacrifice themselves, thereby provoking the vampires in attendance to attack them and violating the agreement for peace between all the factions.  After this move, Diego and other vampires decide to align themselves with Marcel but like I said already about Josh, they better be ready to face the ultimate death.
Elijah pays a visit to Marcel but he’s not so noble anymore.  With a hand in both Marcel and Thierry’s chests, Elijah is as ruthless as we’ve ever seen him.  “You live and you die according to my will,” warns Elijah as he holds Thierry’s dripping heart in his hands.  R.I.P. Thierry.
Back at the compound after the party Klaus and Elijah have an interesting conversation.  Elijah’s now aware of Klaus’ private dealings with the wolves, and he’s offended at how quick his brother is to forget about the thousands of years of loyalty he’s given him just to betray him to work with his other family, the wolves.  Of course Hayley and the baby come up in this conversation because Klaus isn’t blind to Elijah’s affection for Hayley.  Elijah stood by his brother until now: “If I want something, I’ll take it and nothing will stand in my way”  Let me just say, I miss Rebekah.  She could have stepped in here and maybe calmed her brothers down.
Cut to Elijah creeping in the woods around the bayou to keep an eye on Hayley.  Eve approaches him and tells him she’s okay otherwise she would have told him, which makes me think this isn’t the first time he’s checked up on her.  He sees Jackson get to touch her stomach as the baby kicks, and as jealous as he probably is, he doesn’t show it and he leaves her alone because all he wants is for her to be happy.
Genevieve took advantage of her alliance with Klaus if she really thought she’d be able to sneak around him to get his mother’s grimoire.  Klaus was ready to return this backstabbing by presenting her with a gift at the party that he claimed a friend of hers lent a hand to help pick it out.  Inside the box was literally a pair of hands from the witch she sent to steal the book, and just like that their alliance was off.  Klaus would no longer protect the witches, and Genevieve in particular would definitely not help Father Kieran with his hex.
The “shocking” ending actually came as no surprise to me.  The witch ancestors spared Genevieve’s life (for now?) so that she could do their bidding, which is to kill Klaus’ baby.  If you’ll recall, earlier in the season Sabine/Celeste warned of a prophesy that Baby Mikaelson would be a threat to them all.  I’m not too worried though since the witches will have to go through a pack of werewolves and the Originals to harm the baby.  Of course, since Genevieve reneged on her agreement with Klaus and gave Cami false hope that she’d be able to cure Kieran of his hex, Klaus promised her that if/when the priest dies, he will kill her soon after.  I don’t want to say too much but from what I’ve seen in spoilers, maybe Genevieve should start getting her priorities in order sooner rather than later.
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