The Originals 1.19 Review: “An Unblinking Death”

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I hate to say it, but this felt like a filler episode of The Originals.  Nothing of importance really happened except the big death that we all knew was inevitable, and it was drawn out for an entire hour.  Admittedly there was quite a bit of action going on at the werewolf base, but even that didn’t accomplish much other than to reinforce the fact that there’s growing unrest within the werewolf community.

Rest in peace, Father Kieran.  It seems as we get closer to the end of the season, the body count of recurring characters just keeps going up.  Cami resorted to trying shock therapy on her uncle in the hopes that it would miraculously cure the hex on him, but he was too far gone already.  Thanks to Klaus, Kieran was able to say goodbye to his niece momentarily after waking up as a vampire in transition but soon enough the hex was back.  He viciously attacked Cami in the church, but Klaus made it back there just in time to save Cami and put Kieran out of his misery in the process.

One possibly interesting thing that came of this whole Father Kieran storyline was the implied significance of the key he always wore around his neck.  When he was briefly in his right mind to say his proper goodbyes to his niece, Kieran warned Cami to find the key.  It was later revealed that Josh took it on Marcel’s bidding, presumably to protect Cami from whoever would be coming for it.  That doesn’t sound good if Marcel is worried about even more enemies coming into town for this mysterious key.  I just have to wonder, who or what could be worse than the vampires/witches/werewolves/humans we’ve already got in New Orleans?

The werewolves are attacked by a suicide bomber that sets everyone off pointing fingers at the other factions involved in the supposed peace treaty.  Many wolves were injured, and a few were killed.  It was sad to see Eve, Hayley’s first friend in the pack, die of her injuries because she never triggered her werewolf curse so she doesn’t have the capability to heal.  Of course, her actual death is at the hands of Oliver, the traitor.  He set up the explosions just to rile them up to make them all even more mad at the vampires.  Elijah doesn’t know the full extent of Oliver’s involvement in the explosions, but he warns Hayley that Jackson will need her help because Oliver is becoming a problem.

Marcel may be exiled from the city, but he’s still relevant to many characters.  He’s the one who alerts Klaus that Cami needs his help because of Kieran’s deteriorating condition.  After Kieran meets his final death, Klaus calls Marcel to pardon him from his ban for the next 24 hours in order to console Cami.

Hayley actually pays Marcel a visit because she believed he was responsible for the attack in the bayou.  Marcel proves his innocence and actually offers Hayley plenty of money to get out of town and start fresh somewhere new.  She declines the money after Marcel told her all about how he knew her parents and the crescent wolves in the 1990s.  He spared the kids who were innocent bystanders to the wolves’ power trip that was getting dangerous, which was why he had the witches curse the wolves.  Hayley is living proof of his act of mercy towards the kids of the wolves, as he found her in her crib as a baby after her parents were killed and he took her to Father Kieran to get her out of harm’s way.  Marcel left Hayley with one last thought: “when things get bad, remember I tried to get you clear of it.  Again.”  I gotta say, I might actually be Team Marcel now because he’s not such a bad guy after all.  At least not yet.

Elijah and Klaus scenes that bookended the episode deserve a mention.  “These tribes, these factions, they’re families.  Families who choose to fight.  Mayhem has descended on our home, and if I have to choose a side,” Elijah says to Klaus in the end, “here’s to our victory, brother.”  Finally!  Ever since Rebekah left, these two haven’t gotten along so I am very pleased to see that they’re putting their petty differences aside and joining forces again.

Next week should be a much more eventful episode with Father Kieran’s funeral and what looks like the return of Mikael, the Original siblings’ father.  The preview shows Klaus saying the spirit world is crumbling, and I really hope that means this will lead to some sort of crossover with The Vampire Diaries.  It would make sense that the problems Bonnie’s experiencing with the Other Side would also affect supernatural beings all over the world, including New Orleans.

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