The Real Housewives of Atlanta 5.03 Sneak Peeks: Kenya Continues Her Demonic Rampage of Destruction

Mark O. Estes November 18, 2012 4

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 5The Kenya Moore Reign of Terror continues tonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta with new Housewife Porsha Stewart being the former Miss USA’s latest unfortunate victim. Meanwhile, Gregg Leakes will pull out the old school charm to woo back his ex-wife NeNe Leakes, whose face has “Boy please!” all over it.

First, let’s talk about the Kenya vs. Porsha debacle that will probably have fans wanting to beat Kenya down on sight if they ever saw her in the streets. For the past two weeks, Kenya has irked the hell out of the Housewives and fans alike with her always unnecessary Diva Dreadful attitude that makes Sheree Whitfield look like a saint. If you only knew how hard that was for me to put Sheree and the word ‘saint’ in the same sentence… Damn you, Kenya Moore. Damn. You.

Tonight, Kenya’s narcissism meets a new high (or low) when she gets offended after newbie Housewife Porsha Stewart mistakenly calls her “Miss America” instead of “Miss USA,” which Kenya finds to be highly disrespectful. You would think that Kenya was the President of the United States, or a Royal from England, by the way she reacts Porsha’s mistake, which wasn’t a dig nor a pitcher of shade being slung in Kenya’s face. Yet, Ms. ‘Gone With The Wind-Fabulous’ has to make a scene out of a box of nothing, because the demon inside her requires another sacrificial lamb to make Kenya relevant once again. Take a look at the monster in action and Porsha playing the Final Girl role to a ‘T’:

I can’t… And Porsha, God Bless her, has to come harder than that when dealing with beast during their next encounter. Then again, do we really want Porsha to stoop to Kenya’s troll-like level?

While Porsha was getting Kenya’s slime all over her, NeNe had to deal with the sap coming from Gregg in the form of a plea for not only a key to NeNe’s new house, but to her heart as well. You can tell that Mr. Leakes comes from the days of the Isley Brothers and Al Green, because while his old school charm is kind of dated, it’s still ‘charm.’ NeNe, however, is not trying to hear it, which is sad. Peep out the clip.

I don’t know why NeNe is playing. She wanted to throw those keys at Gregg with the quickness, but was playing hard to get for the cameras. NeNe, you can’t fool us when it comes to this situation with Gregg.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs tonight @8/9c on Bravo.

  • D’Arveon Johnson

    Kenya moore need to get the correct information. Vanessa L. Williams, isn’t even 8yrs older than her. Vanessa looks younger than Kenya and she’s had 4 children. Kenya’s aunt even looks younger than her. Kenya looks to older than the man, she been dating for the last 2yrs. Her face is so BUMPY, and so many SCARES. She looks older than 41.

  • thisistheday

    Jeez! Porsha williams — AIRHEAD. I’m watching the show as I write, and she is begining to annoy me. Whew~ Looking forward to seeing the BIPOLAR one go off on her.

    Nene, don’t you eat any damned hot dog on the streets of New York, baby… DON’T EAT IT… I’m a New Yorker and I should know… made me SICK the first and only time I ate one of those nasty ass hot dogs… lol..

    Let’s see what else happens…

  • D’Arveon johnson

    One last comment: Kenya wants someone to feel SORRY for her. Because her Mom didn’t raise her. So what, she’s not the first person to be raise by another family member. She won’t be the last. Everything I’ve ever read about her, it’s that same SOBBBBBBB Story. Get over it, now she’s 41, and still wants pity. B—-h get a REAL LIFE. How she carry herself and that STANK ATTITUDE. I see why she’s not married and don’t have no real man in her life. Just from these past 2(RHOA), Kenya Moore just wants to be the center of everything. With that old scary face, and all that caked on make-up. She should be trying to stay out of the spot light. I see why she have long distances relationships. Nobody wants to be seen with her no more than 2 or 3 times a year. Kenya Moore really looks at least 10 or 15 yrs older than that guy she’s been dating.

  • thisistheday

    Okkkkk. Finished watching the scene with Porsha and Kenya… it was all around pathetic. As I said before,Porsha is an AirHead, plain and simple and that works for a lot of women with the MEN. HOWEVER, when you put yourself in the position of SPEAKING, you’ve got be eloquet, ESPECIALLY since you say this is an event with Atlanta’s ELITE MOST POWERFUL WOMEN. Lordy, Lordy Porsha. You said the event was going to be full of CELEBRITIES! HAHAHAHA… Your husband came into a women’s event to gift you with a chanel handbag????? Jeez… FUGGING AIRHEADS! But hey, that works for her… BIPOLAR KENYA was so jealous of the airhead who doesn’t have to do anything but think and it materializes… hehehehehehehe!!!!