The Real Housewives of Atlanta 5.11 Sneak Peeks: When Business and Friends Don’t Mix Pt. 2

Mark O. Estes January 12, 2013 0

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season FiveAs one dramatic door closes for Kenya Moore, another one opens as her next storyline for The Real Housewives of Atlanta might redeem the allegedly fake one dealing with her allegedly fake boyfriend, Walter Jackson. This time, her tiff will not be with her nemesis Porsha Stewart, but with Ms. Phaedra Parks herself as the two come to blows over the proposed donkey booty exercise video.

If anyone is having a sense of déjà vu, that’s because Phaedra was in a similar snafu with last year’s resident wannabe diva Sheree Whitfield when Phaedra worked on the former cast member’s child support case. However, while Sheree was 100% in the wrong in the court of public opinion in that situation, I’m afraid to say that Kenya might have a win over Phaedra in this scenario. I stress the word “might.”

According to the first clip, Phaedra spoke with Kandi Burruss’s boyfriend Todd about the business arrangement of the video, which prompted the resident entertainment lawyer to second guess her initial agreement with Kenya. Take a look:

Now, I’m not a business major, but 10% doesn’t sound bad at all, meaning that I would love to see what figure Todd threw around to make Phaedra say, “Hold up!” to Kenya’s proposal.

Oh, but wait! The drama doesn’t stop there as Kenya takes her issues with Phaedra to Cynthia Bailey, who also doesn’t believe in working for free as well. After watching this upcoming scene, I was surprised that 1) Cynthia even let Kenya back into The Bailey Agency and that 2) Cynthia’s assistant (who got into it with Kenya) even agreed to be in the same room with her. Progress? I guess, but watch how quickly Kenya and Cynthia get quiet as church mice once Phaedra steps into the room.

Maybe the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta should just stick to inviting each other to international trips and parties and leave the boardrooms for their respective clients.

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