The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 Reunion Pt. 2 Review: From Husbands to Whores…

Mark O. Estes April 20, 2012 3

The Real Housewives of Atlanta - Season 4After the explosive first installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four reunion on Sunday, the divas of Atlanta decided to tone it down a bit in terms of shouting matches, which was a good thing. Even though the first part of the reunion had enough quotes to last fans for the rest of the year, it was still a circus show compared to tonight’s offering. It was akin to a lid being lifted off a pot. All the steam was released, but the stew was still simmering with enough “WTF?!” material to gloss over till Sunday’s (possibly) epic finale.

Cynthia and Phaedra got more sceen time during the first thirty minutes as they discussed their individual storylines before breaking down the infamous fight between their husbands, Peter and Apollo. You could see Andy Cohen gleefully leading to that moment from a mile away, but it was still effective and thankfully the two men didn’t have any left over urges to beat the hell out of each other. I mean, no one on set could have possibly broke themup if they did. Except for Kroy, who could care less to even interfere.

Peter’s unfair treatment to Malorie was touched upon, but to no avail because Cynthia had blinders on the entire time. I personally think Cynthia and Peter make a great couple, but I seriously would have checked Peter for not making an effort to smooth things over with Mal. However, I was even more shocked that people were upset for Mal after I’ve heard nothing but ill will towards her from viewers across the board.

The more Phaedra speaks the more I fall in love with her. Yes, she’s eccentric to an extent, but by God is she honest and true to herself 24/7. She doesn’t let anything like the “Smalls vs. Talls” define her or side with her “alliance” on everything no matter if it’s a bald face lie. So, you can’t help but give her props for whatever it is she’s trying to do in life, even if it is owning her own funeral home business. By the way, she finally got her hands on a body. *shudder*

The ‘black baby’ incident was put on the table for discussion tonight, but despite Kandi and Phaedra telling Kim and Sheree, respectively, where they were wrong in the situation, nothing was really solved. Sheree did, however, offer Kandi an apology for putting words in her mouth. That is… despite having numerous opportunities before the reunion to do just that. For example, her appearance on Watch What Happens Live! would have been a good start and/or even in the several interviews where she declared up and down that Kandi said those words that set Kim’s wigs on fire. In short, the apology was too little, too late and sort of left field. On the flip side, it was kind of telling tonight that Sheree’s time on the show was pretty much over, especially in light of her official announcement yesterday. Sheree never stuttered over anything before and always had a an answer for whatever question was thrown at her, no matter if it was complete BS or not. With that said, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I actually will miss ole Sheree Whitfield on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. OK, there. Moving on…

Also, Kandi (and NeNe) showing just how much they know Kim and her reactions to certain scenarios and situations only proved that Kim pretty much would have found a reason to not go to Africa. They know her too well, hence making Kandi’s statement about her not wanting to go on the trip stick better than the hair glue in any of their weaves at the moment.

After all the decent drama was laid to rest, Cohen decided to turn up the heat again by bringing out Marlo as a last feather ruffler and she did not disappoint. Coming on the stage with her hair laid better than any of the women on the platform, it didn’t take long for Marlo to do her job and really bring the fireworks that will promptly be picked up at the start of Sunday’s conclusion. If Marlo was really working hard to get a spot on the show next year, then she might have just earned it. I stress the word “might,” because we haven’t seen if anyone will shut her down. And by anyone, I mean Kandi, who was none too thrilled when Marlo was mentioned.

So what did you guys think about tonight’s edition of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Four Reunion? What were your favorite moments of the night? Stay tuned for Shilo’s take on tonight’s festivities!

Photo by: Wilford Harewood/Bravo

  • Tanisha

    I enjoy watching the housewives but this season seem to be so much drama kinda of dissapointed…let’s just all get along and support each other I know sometimes it will be drama but not this much I’m excited about everyone oppertinties keep up the good work

  • Tanisha

    Marlo a hater

  • Wanda

    I am so tired of all the mean spirited jousting. Nene is so full of herself and too much time and energy is given to her. PLEASE do not bring Marla in. She really does send the wrong message. This show is not fun anymore and shame on you too Andy…it’s not fun anymore.