The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season One Reunion Pt. 1 Review

Mark O. Estes January 27, 2011 2

Wow, the ladies of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills didn’t hold back tonight on the first part of their first reunion show, having brought truth and new lies to the table for Andy Cohen to pounce on with glee. By this being part one, I feel like it would only be fair to give you the brunt of my opinions after the second part airs next Tuesday. Plus, that’s when the main course will be laid for feasting since tonight was basically a mighty appetizer or sorts. With that said, I will hit on some of the few topic and bits that were of note tonight.

1) The Women Can Get Along Well When A Bomb Isn’t Dropped in Their Midst

The show started out on a light note, which I thought was a damn good way to come into the hour. It reminded us that the show is indeed light hearted despite it’s dismal gloomy finale last week. Between the comedy horror show that was season two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey and the near wasteland that was The Real Housewives of D.C., the Beverly Hills clique brought the sunshine in and made us remember why we fell for this franchise in the first place.

The banter included topics like Taylor’s lips, Camille’s comments about her house, and each of the ladies’ individual net worth. Then the bombs started to land.

2) Kim vs. Taylor

In the battle between these two, Kim, despite having a hard time getting her points across, won in this battle kind of by default. After the two shared words, Taylor slyly whispered to Kyle if it was appropriate to bring up Kim’s ‘condition,’ which shut the older Richard sister up. Kyle sat quiet. It was a super mean move and was highly uncalled for. It wouldn’t surprise me if Taylor wished she had of retracted her move after seeing the backlash from the finale, because it will not help her case from here on out. Luckily, Andy didn’t bite too much on that hook, seeming to save it for the second part of the reunion.

Another thing that was brought up was Taylor’s pot stirring which caused most of the drama of the season and Kim’s reasoning for not defending her sister. Again, Kim made a good point in that she’s basically an outsider in Kyle’s circle of friends and didn’t see a point in jumping in the fight. However, looking back at the fight with the information we know now, it seems as if Kim did stick up for Kyle by revealing Taylor’s role in the whole debacle. Even though Kim’s claims went on deaf ears, intitially, everything is out on the table and Taylor is not the saint we thought she was.

3) Kyle vs. Camille

Despite the frenemies being cordial and supportive in terms of Camille’s divorce from Kelsey Grammer, Kyle and Camille began their closing arguments tonight and while the latter came off a bit crazy in her claims of not lying, there is still no concrete, definitive explanation of what happened. Yes, Kyle gave a very detailed account of the intial conversation that was not filmed, but it’s still her word against Camille’s and vice versa.

It’s all about who do you side with when it comes to these two, but one thing that stuck out in the whole debate was Kyle declaring she was the one who suggested Camille be added to the show. I might cover the Real Housewives for TVO, but this was the first time I had ever heard that claim. I don’t even recall hearing it on the show, but I could be mistaken.

I will break off on this topic here, because I don’t think we are anywhere near through with it at this point and time.

Other Notable Moments Include –

- Lisa’s continuous jabs at Kelsey. She was not afraid to keep it real about her feelings on Camille and Kelsey’s divorce nor any other subject for that matter. The woman has been known to keep it 100 24/7, and owns whatever she says. That’s why she’s one of the realest women I know besides my own mother. I can’t wait to hear about the Cedric thing.

- Adrienne crying during the Grammers’ montage. She revealed that she helped Camille during the drama, which is pretty cool. Just one question: Did D.D. stop being Camille’s shadow after the cameras stopped rolling? Just asking.

- The absence for Giggy. Just two words describe this atrocity: For. Shame.

If I missed anything else, let me know and I will elaborate on it Tuesday. For now, I’m eager to get your take on the drama tonight and what you hope will be revealed Tuesday.

  • Suley

    love…love…love your blog…you hit everything right on….ooh and btw…

  • Grace

    I just watched part1 of the reunion. hum. i dont know how i feel. except this:
    Camille is still dilusional. She is a very weird broad. I wisht Kyle gave it to her more. Maybe next week? Taylor.. LOL Taylor. I can now picture how she went after Russel. I know we got a glimpse of her heavy side during her first boxing lesson. Telling Kim over and over tonight to not talk about HER charity made me a bit ill. First of all, its not HER charity. Charities are for everyone. I knew where Kim was going, refering to Taylors domestic abuse issues. She wasnt trying to hurt Taylor. I dont think Kim has a mean bone in her body. She has moments of standing up for herself, just needs more practice at it, thats all. I cant stand Taylor, she does play games.
    Lisa, good ole Lisa. I cant say anything bad about that one. I gotta say here, she doesnt look as if shes has any serious facial stuff done, so lets hope she doesnt go to the home of the person who said Bev Hill peeps have deformed looking faces.. LOL.
    Adrienne… why hasnt anyone noticed all during the season, she refers to her children as HERS.. not THEIRS. The two breaks on her hubbys nose by HER son… yada yada. Tells me there is something off in that house after all. Even tho her hubby truly is hysterical.

    I will add more after final night also. I loved the questions. I loved Andy for getting in there and asking. I hope he keeps at it. Dig Andy! Dig! LOL