Jill Zarin Returned to Watch What Happens Live Tonight… and Acted A Damn Fool.

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and Jill ZarinOh. My. God. That was just insane!

While most people were still feeling a little ho-hum over the second part of The Real Housewives of New York City‘s reunion tonight, the Twitterverse and other sites lit up when Jill Zarin stepped back into the spotlight for a Watch What Happens Live! 1-1 Special with Andy Cohen. Zarin returned to put Cohen and Bravo on the hot seat, letting both factions know just how she really felt about being abruptly fired from the show and nothing was left off the table. You could even call the interview “Jill Zarin Unplugged” if the Queen of Zarin Farbics wasn’t always plugged into her own, and only her own, universe. So what spilled out of Jill’s mouth unto Andy’s ill prepared lap? Here are the top WTF moments of the night that will have Anti-Jill Zarin bloggers cackling into the wee hours of tomorrow morning.

Why Was She Fired? Her Question to Andy Cohen, Not Mine.

Andy started off the night by professionally asking Jill what was her reaction to Ramona Singer, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Sonja Morgan being asked back to RHONY over herself. “You mean that I was fired?” Jill shot back without thinking twice and setting the tone for the night. Ding, ding. The gloves came off and Jill went into overdrive with her ‘I was wronged, Andy!’ campaign.

Jill then asked Andy why exactly was she fired, which the Bravo ringleader explained was a three-way decision between the viewers, the producers, and Bravo/Cohen himself on how to change the show after such a “toxic” 4th season. After hearing Andy’s reasoning, Jill answered that her firing from RHONY felt like a “death” and that she felt the network (and Cohen) picked favorites in the Bethenny Frankel vs. Jill battle. Then after explaining her reaction, Jill asked Andy if he thought he made a bad decision on cutting her, Alex, and Kelly, since the revamped RHONY “didn’t rate well without us.” No lie. She actually went there.

Jill made sure to include how much her life was interesting, just how much she actually gets along with Ramona and Alex McCord, and how the fans miss her family being on the show. In short, she was basically reapplying to be on the show and looked desperate as hell doing it.

Andy Cohen Was Way Over His Head With This Interview. And We Loved It.

There were plenty of instances where Andy Cohen looked as if he wanted to press a rewind button and run clear out the studio, second guessing the interview along the way. But while Cohen looked hella uncomfortable during Jill Zarin’s many diatribes, it was clear that he knew when to throw shade and when to tread lightly with Jill’s feelings. Plenty of times during the night, Andy’s face read: “Listen you jealous deranged! I will end your ass all over again if you try me” and I really wished he had of done that very thing. At the end of the night, Andy extended a handshake to Jill after the interview was over and she responded, “That’s all I get is a handshake after five years?” Zarin, take your diss of death like a respectable has-been and move on, okay?

Jill Still Has “Bethenny”-Envy

From accusing Bravo (and Cohen) of taking Bethenny’s side during their fight to claiming that her social status took a huge nosedive after Season Three of The Real Housewives of New York City (duh!), Jill was suffering from some serious “Bethenny”-envy as she dedicated an entire segment to what went wrong in her relationship with her former bestie. The most surprising tidbit about that conversation was Jill mentioning how she told Andy the summer before the third season began filming that her beef with Bethenny would make for good TV. In other words, Jill used her tiff with Bethenny as a means to bring the drama, but she shot herself in the foot in the process.

Also, Jill whined about how Bethenny never forgave her for declaring their friendship being done and void, and didn’t get how Bethenny could forgive her husband Jason when they said it to each other and not Jill. After that mess came out of Jill’s mouth, I believe there was a collective pause among the nation before everyone yelled at the screen, along with Andy Cohen, that Jason is Bethenny’s husband, meaning the same rules don’t apply in that scenario. Jill argued how Andy didn’t get it, but in reality, she didn’t get just how much of an idiot she sounded at that point… or the entire night for that matter.

Bethenny Was Responsible For Aviva?!?!

While Jill maintained a little of her mean girl stance, the one thing that made me drop my dinner on the floor was Andy revealing that it was actually Bethenny Frankel who had suggested Aviva Drescher for not only this season of The Real Housewives of New York City, but last season as well! Bethenney, you know you were wrong for that and I wonder if you are having second thoughts about this as well.

Bottom Line: Jill Zarin Came Off As If She Was Reapplying To The Real Housewives of New York City

As I said on Twitter earlier, Jill Zarin was the Eddie Kane of the Real Housewives franchise Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and Jill Zarinlast night as she did her damnedest to convince Andy Cohen and Bravo that they made a terrible mistake by letting her go, despite the “toxic” baggage she was carrying. The plea fell on deaf ears and America, despite what Jill may think, has already moved on to the crazy that is Aviva Drescher, who Jill actually endorsed tonight and felt was being treated unfairly by the cast. But if Bravo even did have an inkling of a thought to bring Jill Zarin back to the network in any capacity, she’s ruined that chance in this unfiltered interview with Cohen, who needs to crank out more 1-on-1’s with other post Bravolebrities.

Other Moments To Gasp At:

– Jill threw a nice amount of shade to former bestie LuAnn de Lesseps by claiming how the Countess’s tryst with Tomas the pirate was a move to stay relevant on the show. At least Jill got something right that we agreed on.

– After Andy asked her if she missed the spotlight, Jill quickly corrected Andy on how she never left the spotlight and had done guest segments on Good Morning, America this summer, but that she hopes those segments return in some capacity. Does that mean the guest segments are a bust too?

Line of the Night: “You can’t replace me, Andy…” – Jill, channeling her inner Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction. I literally got chills and feared for Andy Cohen’s soul.

Finally, the recap/review does not do the actual interview itself justice. You must watch it, dissect it, make your own assumptions, and balk at the narcissism that is Jill Zarin. Despite Jill making great TV tonight, the interview was still beyond belief. For those of you who did catch it, what did you think?

Photo Credit: BravoTV.com

  • Mricklen

    Agree completely. Zarin embarrassed herself, if that is possible. An ego run amuck and a self centered and obviously missing the spotlight now wannabe again.
    Liked her originally, but she just wore you down, and she is just full of it. Beyond toxic, as are Romona and Luann.
    Bethenny was the impetus of the whole franchise, she had intelligence, insight and candor that the others could not compete with. The jealousy of her success is evident and justified.
    Move on and continue to trust your right on instincts Bravo, and reward that treasure that is Andy Cohen. He is now the franchise. He is an amazing talent , so real natural and spontaneous, a gem.

  • MsBstar

    Jill is scary and delusional and a bit single white female!!
    I watched this train wreck with my jaw on the floor and my fingers tap tap tapping away on twitter. When she explains that she was like Aviva’s father and felt his pain, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Jill is like a yeast infection that never goes away. All the events that led to her demise was orchestrated by her: a. the decision to air the fight with Bethenny for the dramatic effect b. the decision to go to St.Barths. Notice that at both points, Andy was emphatic that he told her those were piss poor ideas!! She tried to be calculating and screwed herself out of a gig. Now she’s perplexed as to why Bethenny would want to distant herself from her. DELUSIONAL!!!

    And I totally believe she paid for followers. I’m not saying there aren’t folks who like her craziness but NOT 500k worth. The handshake at the end made me laugh!! Andy’s like lady I don’t want your crazy sauce rubbing off on me!

  • Cathy S

    I agree with you, her narcissism only grew larger since she’s been gone. She can’t understand why Betheny got her own show and she got booted, I just had to screem at her outloud,”because Betheny’s a star, and you’re a wanna be who wanted to ride on her coattails.” She can’t seem to get it that she is no star, doesn’t have what it takes, maybe if she was a Long Island Medium, then she could also have her five minutes of fame.

  • Romi

    To be honest she scared me a little. She is just insane with jealousy and just the sound of her voice is grading. I could not stand it if she were brought back to spread the hate.

  • Marr

    The words desperate and groveling comes to mind. What next Alex and her husband are going to throw themselves in front of Andy car.

    I have not missed any of those ladies one bit and I can’t say that about other who have left the other show. There is nothing missed about Jill and I can’t believe she actually pulled the Jewish card with Andy. Saying that Heather not jewish enough. OMG! Is that why they owe you to come back on the show. Get over yourself.
    I love the new ladies and didn’t think I would. They had a life other than Jill and Bethney who are all about hawking something.

  • Vicki

    she (jill)was pitiful! I didnt like her when she on the show and definitely not now. lol I think she has (or maybe she was all along) joined kelly (the nutcase) in la la land. That girl was in her own world and it was scary!! I really worried for the other housewives, well most of them anyway! Sti;; love Romona and Sonja

  • mel

    you all need to get a clue….Jill was rhony and it will NEVER be successful again without her. Bethany who???? no one watches her boring show anymore and her talk show is even worse. good luck Andy repairing the damage you’ve done to rhony!!!

    • Russo

      Well, you can’t watch Bethenny’s show anymore, since its done. She ended it while it was still popular, which is smart. Her talk show was good enough to be picked up by FOX for daily viewing. Her businesses are thriving and she is and has always been a good business woman and hands on to manage how she wants her brand to be advertised. Comparing Jill and Bethenny is like apples/oranges. While they both used Bravo as a boost, Bethenny put it out there that’s what she was doing; Jill thought the show was “ALL ABOUT JILL” and the others were merely extras in the background. They both have large egos, but Jill’s worked against her and apparently still IS, while Bethenny manages to keep her ego in check (most of the time) and has left the world of reality tv in her past. It was a healthy decision for her, and she does thank BRAVO for giving her that platform. Jill won’t thank anyone, she is too busy truly believing that “Jill Zarin can’t be replaced”. Hey, Jill… news for you.. EVERYONE in the world can be replaced and the world keeps on turning.

  • thaliajen

    I completely disagree with this article. Did anyone WATCH this season? Talk about boring! And the reunion? Why did they bother? SOOO dull. Now the after-show with Jill was fantastic! I LOVE Andy Cohen but when you make a mistake, own up to it! Jill was right, the ratings dropped! You can love her or hate her, but she brings viewers in. She was the #1 Housewife, she made mistakes, and Bravo was ruthless. As for Bethanny choosing Aviva- I LOVE B! But Aviva? BAD choice. I can stomach Heather, but pray the other new ladies are axed. When Bravo dropped Jill, they dropped the heart of the show. I couldn’t get a handle on it this season. I wanted to, but I kept thinking, this is such a waste of time! I gave it the college try and I am fine if people liked it. None of my friends did, but it seems some do. Bravo needs to swallow its pride. Bring back Jill and pretend this season never happened! Her appearance was GOLD!

    • RUSSO

      I think most RHNY fans will agree this past season was a bit lackluster. But, all new things need tweaking. That was the first time in the Housewife franchise history that such a clean sweep was done and NEEDED. LuAnn should be replaced at this point, since she is playing it safe and tried to hide in the background this season. The Tomas deal is embarrassing for her and her spin on it during the reunion was a joke. But, hey, that’s her business and if Jacques is willing to forgive then none of our biz. Bringing Jill Zarin back to RHNY won’t make it better, it will just make it LOUDER and more annoying. She had her run, she blew it and took others down with her. Unfortunately, Alex followed in Jill’s footsteps, feeling if she became LOUDER and as obnoxious as Jill, that she would remain relevant, the backfired on her. She should have remained the “almost” voice of reason and be content with being a background player, but she panicked and became a Jill wannabe. Aviva is a bit “off”, but all the franchises need that “off” person to keep the others circling. Jill Zarin and her Ego should look for another outlet for attention. BRAVO is done with her. And, Jill, your “shock” in learning that Twitter names are for sale was truly a joke… again, you underestimate the audience and public. Of course, I would never expect you to admit you bought names, but most of us believe you did and truthfully.. we don’t CARE!

      I think one of the best moments from her ridiculous interview last night was her spouting of jealousy in regard to her dog. She told Andy she was hurt that he had Gigi on his show rather than HER dog!.. WHAT A FRUITCAKE!

  • Margot

    I have been longing for a place to express my views, but do not know where to go. I watched RHONY with the original cast and do not watch it now. This interview was the first honest discussion of what really happened to the show.
    I am sorry, I liked Jill. She is SOOOOOO New York City. NYC is full of Jills. She did say what everyone is thinking and asked the questions that noone else asked.
    The new cast with the relics from the old cast? WHO CARES? Most of you ladies need help, good therapy or a rehab. Not a syndicted TV show to air your trumped up tiffs and self made crises.
    Maybe the whole franchise is over. There are REAL problems in this world, folks.

    • Siouxsie

      You posted this same comment (word for word) on another website. So you must be finding it easy to find places to voice your opinion now. With “so many other real problems in the world today” I’m surprised that you are taking the time to make the rounds to different websites to post the same supportive comments for Jill.

  • lala

    Well it was the Jill Zarin show, poor Andy, did he even get a word in?
    Nobody misses you Jill, wish you would stay away permenately.

    • Russo

      I don’t know if “Andy couldn’t get a word in” is correct. Andy at times comes across as naive, but I feel he is savvy and plays these ladies like a violin. He knows Jill Zarin, I’m sure he probably had voice/emails up the wazoo from her this past year. This was his chance to let her dig her own grave, which she DID… PLUS get great ratings for his WWHL show. Smart move, Andy… now change your phone number!

      • Marr

        Listening to her talk about being jealous of Jiggy ..I sure Andy and the producers don’t miss her coming to their office telling them how to run the show. She is very dislikable.

        I don’ think this year show was boring. I so over the other show where the woman scream and hit below the belt. I feel like I known these ladies and there fights are how a person with a bid of breeding would fight not like Threase where they lunging at each other. Personally I like watching smart woman. Carole was Jackie O sister’s, daughter-in-law. How much more NY and jet set can it get. Her best friends were Caroline and John Kennedy Jr.
        But Jill think she more interesting pimping Bobby and his fabrics.

      • Suzanne

        Okay Bethanney, if you want us to call you Russo, we will. Really? you shut down your talk show while its still on top? It was only on a few months! You are not a professional interviewer as are the other celebs that got new talk shows this season. I didn’t watch your show, but I heard that instead of interviewing the quest, you talked about yourself. Shocker!! And Aviva? She doesn’t spice up the show; she turned out to be pure evil. We as viewers want to watch people we can relate to. If she stays on I truly will stop watch the RHONY. Go home and raise that baby you wined for. Your fifteen is done (I hope).

        • Suzanne

          OMG – Suzanne, I was just thinking the exact same thing. Russo = Bethanny. Too funny!

          • russo

            Hahaha.. Sorry, 2 Suzannes, I am NOT Bethenny. Merely another poster and fan of the HW franchises, well, most of them. The show I was referring to was not her talk show, which I never even watched, but the Bethenny Ever After show. It was in the news a few wks ago that her talk show has been picked up by FOX. That’s about the informational extent I have of Bethenny Frankel’s life..etc.

            I stand by my observation that Andy let Jill Z continue her rant (which I assume she had practiced all week in front of her mirror, as Bobby told her she was doing great.

            The HW shows do become “toxic” or out of control after a few seasons. What do you expect when a bunch of women who apparently crave attention to begin with are all of a sudden on mag covers and blog subjects?

            Its a nature of the beast and when time is up for one or more of them.. then they should go graciously back to their former life. Hey.. just my opinion.

        • TWilliams

          Bethanny didnt shut her new talk show down, she shut her reality tv show “bethanny ever after” down. People pay attention Bethanny’s talk show was very popular this summer which is why it will be back this fall.
          granted you may not like bethanny but at least get your facts straight if youre going to hate on her….just sayin.

  • Leslie

    Does this mean Andy has a stalker now? That interview was really embarrassing to watch as Jill groveled to Andy to come back.

  • CrazyD

    Andy was correct – season four was what it was as described — ‘toxic.’ It devolved into a show about a bunch of petty high schoolers, each one trying to talk/walk over the other ALL THE TIME. It’s clear Jill is having yet another in a long line of pity parties. Newsflash: you cannot blame everyone else ALL the time for your deplorable behavior. Somehow it’s Bethenny, Ramona, Alex McCord, the producers, the camera crew, the editors, someone other than Jill that’s responsible for what happened to Jill. Sensing a pattern here?

  • http://TVOvermind.com Rebel

    I agree that Jill is a total narcissist. She is desperate and it’s not pretty to watch. I will admit that she made a good point when saying viewers got to know who she was and she filmed with her whole family. She is correct that most of the Real Housewives stars rarely involve their families anymore or even show their homes. It will be the demise of the entire franchise if they keep having all these ladies just argue at charity events and freebie vacas. Jill was jealous mean girl and she has no one to blame but herself. She was Ethel to Bethenny’s Lucy? Excuse me? Jill, Bethenny was the breakout star and she didn’t need you as a sidekick.

  • BabsFL

    Everyone has covered most of what I have to say… EXCEPT.. Her comparison of herself to Heather… Seriously? Heather has more class in her little finger that Jill Zarin has in her whole body. If they ever considered Heather as a Jill-double in the RHONY series, they got a helluva more than they ever could have imagined. Jill doesn’t even compare and shouldn’t flatter herself. Zarin should take advantage of her “time off” and get therapy.

  • http://TVOM Rebel

    I agree. Heather is an intelligent successful woman. Jill’s comment about her not being Jewish was just pathetic. Heather also deserves combat pay for surviving all of those bizarre rants from Ramona. Jill is making a fool of herself trying to hawk her various products. This woman is already extremely wealthy. When is enough already? Have some pride.

  • Jenn

    Okay, I’m sure this isn’t a place to vent about JZ but others have so here I go.I’m a huge HW’s fan and probably have never missed one show except for RHWOA. I am also a big Andy fan, read his book, gone to book signings, big big fan. I am not sure why he agree to do this? He knows how she is he even wrote about it in his book. He needed to defend why he invited anyone to his book release??Why he is friends with someone? I’m upset with him for not standing up to that bully. I will say that if they put Jill back on Bravo I will not watch. I don’t want to know about her family, dog, etc. I don’t like when any of the HW involve there families too much. Look what happened to Alex people didn’t like Simon so she spendt all her time defending him and his actions. I can’t write anymore getting upset.

  • http://www.tvovermind.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city/jill-zarin-returned-to-watch-what-happens-live-tonight-and-acted-a-damn-fool/ Isabellabc

    This interview with Jill Zarin could be used in a course on how to identify self destruction as a result of nagging jealousy. She is so far out of her mind that she doesn’t even try to hide this horrible trait – jealousy. Comparing herself to Healther? To think that Heather is her replacement? To say she identifies with George? But it was her looking into the camera to address her fans and reassure them that she was okay was top ten bizarre moments on TV 2012.

  • zami

    Jill is delusional. Bragging about having more Twitter followers than all present and former housewives combined when in reality she has what 500k, but Betheny has over a million. Clearly she’s in her own little world of self importance…

  • wowser

    Jill is completely insane! If all of the other foolishness wasn’t enough, the idea of comparing herself to Jason means she’s obviously missing her meds.

    Andy has the right to be “friends” with anyone he chooses. She admitted that he warned her against her foe/faux/friend debacle, but she didn’t listen. Does she not know she showed everyone what she was capable of, including potential friend Andy????

    Jill is as delusional as that crazy Teresa Giudice. Now there’s someone who would LOVE to have her as a friend.

  • BabsFL

    I have been thinking about this obsession that Jill has with Bethenny. If I remember correctly, Jill was (Ramona aside) pretty much center-stage and the glue of the show early years. Bethenny had bad luck with men and life in general and she hung her neurotic behavior out for all to see along with her great humor. Jill took her under her wing and was going to take care of her. Big mistake because I don’t think Bethenny ever looked at the RHONY as a place where she was going to find a nice boy and get married and settle into oblivion. It was a stepping stone to where she it today and picking up the trappings along the way. And there she is. I think if IF IF Jill played out that fight for TV she overplayed. Because what I saw was a Bethenny who was upset really upset but once that cord was cut there was no turning back. I think Bethenny realized that there was no real love lost on Jill’s part. Face it, Bethenny came into her own and thensome. It happens. And to more famous people than Jill Zarin.

    Anyhow, what do I know?

  • dawn

    watching last night was like watching a car crash in slow motion-i , jill comes across as whiney, narcissistic, delusional and don’t forget the disgusting episode where she spend thousands of dollars on private jets and spas to make her spoiled daughter lose 20 pounds,but to watch this self-described intelligent woman disect the ridiculous ‘conspiracy theory’ on why she was fired puts her right into the column of ‘insane’- really it is the reason i watch, it makes me feel so good about myself and my family, man i love my boring well mannered family!

  • Kris

    Thank goodness she was fired! Unfortunately her accent is not as cute as Fran drescher’s. what a twit!

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