Tonight On – The Real Housewives of New York City 5.16 – The Ghost of the St. Barth’s Trip Past

Mark O. Estes September 17, 2012 3

The Real Housewives of New York City - Season 5So much for what happened in St. Barth’s staying in St. Barth’s, because the drama The Real Housewives of New York City conjured up there is far from over.

Tonight, the girls of Gotham return home where the dynamics are clearly reshuffled after the events in St. Barth’s and the battles rage on. In these two clips from this week’s episode, we get another confrontation between Aviva Drescher and Sonja Morgan, which seems ridiculous. Next, Heather Thomson tries to see where her dear friend LuAnn de Lesseps’s relationship with Jacques stands, because if things were really peachy keen between Lu and Jacques, then Tomas, or rather Lu’s alleged “Italian friends,” wouldn’t have been a hot topic in St. Barth’s. Should we go ahead and declare “hanging with my Italian friends” as the new code for “creeping behind my lover’s back and you better not tell a soul about it?”

Before we get to the clips, I just want to say that Aviva really showed her ass last week, and no matter how ridiculous Ramona and Sonja acted while in St. Barth’s, Aviva trumped them three-fold with her condescending B.S. and Debby Downer attitude. I was literally at a loss for words after last week’s episode went off and couldn’t even begin to list how much of an ass Aviva made herself out to be, which is bad since I really liked her from the beginning.

Now, I have to see how things will turn out for the rest of the season and during the reunion before I can make a final call on the NY native. But according to this clip, it might not take that long to conclude on how I feel as Aviva as a whole. While talking to Sonja, Aviva defends her actions in St. Barth’s due to being “angry” at the girls’ behavior, but declares that she wasn’t “ranting and raving” as Sonja suggests. If you say so, Aviva…

As for the next clip, we have Heather trying to figure out what could be going on between LuAnn and Jacques for LuAnn to even entertain a night with Tomas in St. Barth’s. Or Heather is trying to figure out what we the audience is trying to decipher, which is how was LuAnn going to hide this knowing full well Jacques would see it?

Then there is the other question of why is this bothering Heather so much, outside the producers prodding her to ask LuAnn what’s the real ‘T.’ Either way, at least Heather is questioning LuAnn’s behavior for once, something that Jill and Kelly rarely to never did.

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  • Catherine

    I have to admit, Aviva is right. Ramona is a very low person the way she cavorts and acts. There is something wrong with her. Sonja is really the white trash. She says disgusting things, very unlady like, sleeps around with anyone and everyone, and is totally broke. Sonja was dumped and is now looking for someone with money. I knew Sonja and she comes from a trashy family and is uneducated.

  • Carley

    Sonja Morgan is a trainwreck. Her fairy tale life blew up in her face and she is totally without funds. She married a much older man and thought she hit pay dirt until she was tossed out of the house. Sonja has no college education, she has just slept around NYC. She stalked the Morgan heir until he married her, he couldn’t get rid of her. I know him personally. Sonja has no class, no education, she just sells herselg. Aviva is right about her!!!! Aviva has class, brains and beauty, Sonja is Anna Nicole Smith on a downward spiral!

  • karen

    No matter how much I do not like or approve of Ramona, I wholeheartedly disapprove of Aviva’s narcissistic,
    judgmental rantings. She needs to be removed from the show. It is no longer fun – she makes it horrible.

    Sonja is a sympathetic person to me. Morgan not only married her – they have a daughter and were married
    for 10 years. I am certain the break up was not all Sonja’s fault.