The Secret Circle: New Novel Will NOT Be Written By L.J. Smith!

The Secret Circle novelsSad news for fans of The Secret Circle book series…

As I was minding my own business looking for new ebooks to download on my iPad 2, I came across a listing on Amazon for a new Secret Circle novel called The Divide, which is to be released next March. Before I did my shamefully embarrassing Happy Dance, I visited L.J. Smith’s official page to see if she had, in fact, finished the long rumored sequel to The Secret Circle. Unfortunately, she hadn’t, but that fact wasn’t even the true stinger that silenced my joy.

Turns out that L.J. Smith has seemingly been let go from writing any further adventures featuring Cassie, Adam, and the rest of the Crowhaven Street gang from here on out. You know? Just as she was fired from writing anything else related to The Vampire Diaries novel series, which she started back in 1991. The Secret Circle: The Divide and any other sequels following will be written entirely by a “ghost-writer.” Cue your anger here.

While there isn’t any true ‘official’ statement from Ms. Smith herself on why she was let go from The Secret Circle series, the Bibliography section of her website is the only indicator of Ms. Smith not having anything to do with any future TSC sequels. At this rate, you seriously have to wonder if there is any bad blood between Ms. Smith and Alloy Entertainment, or if Alloy simply just want to take The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle into totally different direction.

This revelation of L.J. Smith being blind-sided on The Secret Circle front isn’t new, mind you. It seems to have been known by die-hard L.J. Smith fans for awhile now, but you wouldn’t know that given how Amazon and Harper Teen is still listing Ms. Smith as the writer of TSC: The Divide and TVD: The Hunters – Phantom. It is this fact where confusion can set in and quickly turn into frustration for some fans.

The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters - PhantomIf Harper Teen owns The Secret Circle and The Vampire Diaries, then why would they still need to pimp L.J. Smith’s name to help sell the books? Yes, I know that the #1 answer to that question comes down to the all mighty dollar needing to be made. But there are other less confusing ways to achieve that goal. For starters, the series could be called L.J. Smith’s The Secret Circle: The Divide, written by whomever. Or they could just go with Harper Teen Presents The Secret Circle: The Divide, which would give fans of L.J. Smith a quick “A-ha!” moment before purchasing the book.

One last thing to note, Ms. Smith’s firing from The Vampire Diaries, while not making any sense whatsoever, still gave fans a “reason” for the action to take place. With The Secret Circle novels, the firing is all the more tragic and complex, because for starters, we don’t know exactly why Alloy decided to give Ms. Smith her walking papers this time around. Secondly, there are (amazingly) still a lot of people unaware of L.J. Smith not being involved with The Vampire Diaries novels post The Return: Midnight, so just imagine how many people are completely clueless about her recent departure from The Secret Circle novels. It’s a sad, sad world, folks and it’s going to continue to be filled with misinformed fans if Alloy doesn’t come up with another markering strategy.

So what do you guys think about this latest L.J. Smith firing? Should The Secret Circle even have a sequel at all? I’m eager to hear your say on this matter…

The Secret Circle: The Divide hits bookshelves on March 25th, 2012, while The Secret Circle TV series returns with new episodes on January 5th. Here’s an advanced review on the midseason premiere, “Darkness.”

Source: L.J. Smith’s Bibliography Page

  • deb hill

    That’s absolutely wrong what they are doing to her? There has to be some kind of law or copy right infringement going on here to take her series out from under her?

  • sharena

    I think its because they are changing the tv shows so much that they don’t want the books to conflict anymore than they already are. I won’t be buying anymore TVD or TSC books. The last TVD was a little weird.

  • Ana

    No wonder the books sucked. The first four of TVD were very good. Well the fourth one was okay, but the rest… Well they were just plain weird. I didn’t even bother finishing The Return. If I’m wrong and L.J. Smith wrote them, I’m sorry but it’s the truth.

    • moestes

      The Return was all written by L.J. Smith, and to be honest, I haven't read that series yet. My only problem with the whole fiasco is that the company is still using her name to sell the books, which I think is wrong on so many levels. I remember R.L. Stine had his name used for Fear Street Sagas and Ghosts of Fear Street, but that made sense given that Stine couldn't have wrote all those books and have them out every month. The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle are not required to be released on a monthly basis. I just feel that if Harper Teen/Alloy are going to use L.J. Smith's name then they should use the material the woman gave them to use. That's all…

  • a reader

    I don't really want to read a change in the series because of the show. I was off put with the show and the changes they have made there. I know that I will not continue reading the series if they are going to make it change to match the television show. I am sorry they made the series in some way. I wish they could have kept the integrity of the story line, since they have a big generation that has not really read anything they can do that.

  • Fabe

    How can she be fired from writing her own books? It's her creative property. Unless she sold it to Alloy.

  • @HarleyDickerson

    I'm kinda at a crossroads right now I really do love the character's and the story but I also really want to support this woman by refusing to read any secret circle novels not written by her :/

  • Christine

    i think the only way to avoid any copy write infringment is to have simply bought her off.. i love TVD & TSC but you never know they may have given her an offer she couldn’t refues.. but if they did somehow find a way to steal her creation that is wrong… thats like kidnapping someones child lol … or it could have been she felt like television had butchared her stories so much that she said keep it

  • Jack Faire

    They kept her name as author because the newer stuff is crap. L.J. Smith wrote Vampire teen drama back before Twilight and other novels like Twilight turned the teenagers into whiny overly melodramatic kids that treat every little thing like it’s the end of the world and they are taking the shows and her books in that direction.

    By keeping her name attached as the author they can pretend she is just another Twilight clone leaving newer fans oblivious to the good quality writing she actually did when she was the one doing the writing.

    Everything the CW gets their hands on these days gets the angsty melodrama treatment even Green Arrow got deaged from a 30 to 40 year old man down to a 20 something kid.

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