A Gallery of Game of Thrones Characters as Simpsons


Two amazing shows combine in this fantastic gallery of Simpsonized artwork. Artist Adrien Noeterdaem has mastered the art style of The Simpsons, and as such, he’s brought his considerable talent to bear making many of the characters of Game of Thrones into residents of Springfield.

All the major players are here from Dany (seen with cute dragons above) to Tyrion to Jon to Tywin. There are even a few deceased souls here, but I won’t specify who those are for fear of spoilers. You really should check out the full gallery for yourself below, to see just how well these characters would fit in with the traditional Simpsons universe.

Has The Simpsons done a Game of Thrones themed episode yet? I know they did an intro in the style of the show’s intro, but I didn’t know if they based an entire episode around it somehow. That’s probably more of a South Park thing anyways.

Check out the other pictures in the gallery which starts below!

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