Hank Azaria Hints At Who Will Die on The Simpsons This Year

hank azaria

A big question on a lot of TV fans lately has been who will die on The Simpsons this year? While there has been a great deal of online speculation, Hank Azaria recently cleared up some ideas about it. Granted, it all ends up being just as vague as it was before, but at least we know who WONT die this year. According to Hank Azaria, anyways.

So the beloved actor sat down with Entertainment Weekly to clear up some of the death rumors. The truth is, he admits that even HE doesn’t know who will die on The Simpsons this year. One thing he does seem to make certain is that he is sure it is not one of his characters. Believe it or not, that actually helps quite a bit. Do you know how many awesome characters Azaria plays? From Chief Wiggum to Comic Book Guy, just knowing it is not one of Hank’s characters makes me very happy. I tend to think his are some of the best and funniest characters on the show.

Question is, who does that leave? I really hope they don’t kill Brian. You know, the talking dog? Sorry, that was way too easy to not swing at. But seriously, they better not kill Hans Moleman. Wait, he’s still alive, right?

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