The Simpsons Pays Another Tribute To Edna Krabappel


The Simpsons is one classy show. It may be animated, and its townsfolk may be a little dumb at times, but they do things behind-the-scenes and make little nods to actors and actresses who have made a big impression on them and on their show, and it just shows you how good of people they really are. Last night’s Simpsons was no different, as they paid a touching tribute to Edna Krabappel. As many of you know, the actress who played her passed recently, and it was just a small, classy, and quiet moment to observe the gaping hole that has left on the show (and some of its characters).

Listen animated ladies, we are not trying to scare you here, but avoid Ned Flanders. Awful things  seem to happen to the women who love him. Strange, considering his close friendship with God and all. First, that flying tire killed his wife. Then, well, rather than dwell on all that, I will just point out the scene again. It is a bitter sweet moment of Ned reflecting on his time with her. They even manage to throw in a Nelson HA-HA joke at the very end, but they even end that with class. That is what I mean about The Simpsons. They have been going strong for two plus decades, yet still are as humble and genuine a group of people as way back when the show started as sketches on the Tracey Ullman show.

It’s funny, you see tons of other animated shows aimed at adults and family, but they come and go, or wear out their welcome fast. Simpsons, on the other hand, is ageless, and somehow stays humble and real, which is exactly why we still love them.

[Photo via FOX]

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