The Simpsons Sneak Peeks: The 500th Episode Airs Tonight!

Clarissa February 19, 2012 0

The Simpsons 500th EpisodeThe Simpsons is reaching a milestone tonight that so few shows have ever reached. After 23 seasons, the show is hitting its 500th episode.

Tonight’s episode, titled “At Long Last Leave”, finds the Simpsons hiding out in their bomb shelter during a town emergency drill. But when they decide to take advance of the empty town, they discover that the drill was actually just a ruse and they come across a town meeting.

What are the residents of Springfield discussing without the Simpsons? A way to drive them out of town. Naturally, the family is upset when they learn about this and Marge even tries to appeal to the residents to let them stay. Unfortunately, the town is tired of paying for the damage from Homer’s shenanigans and Bart’s crazy antics. Despite Marge’s pleas, the family is expelled from Springfield. Fortunately, they come across an off-the-grid community called The Outlands. Marge gets homesick so Homer tries to sneak her back into Springfield, but when they’re greeted by harsh words from their former neighbours, they realize that maybe The Outlands is a better home for them.

Watch two sneak peeks below for tonight’s all new episode of The Simpsons.