Upcoming Simpsons Premiere Dubbed The Yellow Wedding


To deny the impact Game of Thrones has had on the world right now is silly. You have a slew of babies being named Arya, and now you have The Yellow Wedding happening on The Simpsons. So just what is the Yellow Wedding? Truth is, none of us know yet. We simply know that someone will be dying in the premiere episode of The Simpsons this fall. Who will it be, and what will be the context. we do not know yet. But the producers of the show have dubbed it The Yellow Wedding, and if I know anything about colored wedding (red and purple, anyone), this is set to be a very significant moment on the otherwise light hearted show.

The Simpsons producers have hinted that it will be a major character, and even told us that the person who plays this character has won an Emmy. Hmmmm, who could they be killing off? Reality is, we know The Simpsons have done this before. Remember when they killed Ned Flander’s wife? Everyone kept expecting that to be a joke or gag, and it wasn’t. They straight killed her. So we know they have it in their blood. We also know they would not kill of a main character, right? It would have to be someone like Groundskeeper Willy or, heck, maybe even Flanders. Man, I am getting scared.

Well, relax. They also said that just because they are killing a major character during the Yellow Wedding, it does not mean we wont see them again. Phew, I almost forgot this was a cartoon for a second….

[Photo via FOX]

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