The Tomorrow People 1.10 Review: ”The Citadel”


The Tomorrow People has despite its up-and-down ratings been one of The CW’s strongest new shows this season, and last night’s mid-season premiere was a great example.

“The Citadel” picked up right where they left off last time by showing the viewers what Stephen saw while he was in Limbo. It was a phenomenal moment for the show by having Stephen meet (sort of) his father at last. Jeffrey Pierce and Robbie Amell clicked instantly and it felt so genuine. Speaking of family, it was good to see Marla and Luca again because they always bring such a fun dynamic.

This episode also introduced Marla’s boyfriend Peter who went from super charming to incredibly mysterious at the end of the episode. It wouldn’t really be a surprise if he ended up being someone from Ultra that Jedikiah sent in to spy on Stephen and his family in the disguise of Marla’s boyfriend. Whether he is good or bad, he is at this point most likely a homo-superior so it will be interesting to see what happens in the upcoming episodes.

There is just something special with Ty Olsson as an actor because whenever he guest stars on any show, his presence is always a joy to watch. This marks as Olsson’s third CW show (Arrow, Supernatural and now The Tomorrow People) and this time he played a damaged character that was heartbreaking to watch.

In this episode they introduce the female biological computer Alice who was voiced by the magnificent Elizabeth Hurley who is going to be recurring. While it was only a couple of dialogues, she was a lot of fun. There needs to be a showdown between her and Tim in an epic bio-computer Vs. bio-computer.

Something that was unexpected was John losing his leadership so soon and more importantly, him revealing to the other Tomorrow People what he had done. It was however interesting to see Cara becoming the leader for the homo superior and how different she is as a leader compared to John. Another highlight was that the viewers’ got to see more of the other people in the tomorrow lair and that made the show feel bigger. Also for some reason, Russell seems to be able to go up at several Ultra agents on his own every time there is a fight.

One of the interesting aspects about Cara’s role in this episode is that her anger and hatred towards Jedikiah is getting bigger for every episode. There was even a point when one felt that Jedikiah was only an antagonist to her. List and Pellegrino do have strong scenes together and one wouldn’t be surprised if something incredibly drastic between these two will happen pretty soon.

The telepathic voting was a very special moment, especially in the visuals. There was however one annoying part with the other Tomorrow People which was the fact that they all seemed to forget that John had managed to keep them all alive this whole time. It makes one wonder if some of these could potentially turn quickly at any unexpected point.

The advantage of having several homo superior in one and the same episode is that they can then give amazing fight scenes. The more they are, the bigger the fight are and hopefully they will have more of those later this season. It was a great reminder about the shadow war between the Tomorrow People and Ultra.

There is just something so creepy, but at the same time so adorable about Jedikiah’s smile. Why is that? The reason is probably because Mark Pellegrino is Mark Pellegrino.

Overall, “The Citadel” was, just like Arrow’s mid-season opener, a strong returning episode for the show. Hopefully the ratings will start to go up a bit more because this is a show that is worth getting picked up for another season. It has so many great stories, the cast is a strong one and it would be cool to see where they would take the show if it got a second year.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesday nights, 9/8c on The CW.

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