The Vampire Diaries Episode 3.10 Advance Preview: Klaus Means Serious Business

The Vampire Diaries has been on hiatus for what feels like forever. After a stellar first half of the season, we’ve had to wait to see the outcome of Stefan stealing the Originals’ remaining coffins.

Well, I’m here to tell you that episode 10 of The Vampire Diaries, titled “The New Deal” and airing on January 5, is a solid return for the show. Here’s what you can expect to see when The Vampire Diaries returns next week (warning: some spoilers are below, although a lot of other stuff goes on that I just can’t tell you about!)

Elena & Stefan Are Not Sitting in a Tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G: Elena is very, very angry with Stefan after the events of the previous episode. When Bonnie asks Elena about her wayward boyfriend, Elena resolutely declares that Stefan “betrayed us”. The two of them do interact in this episode, but will the outcome be what Stelena fans had hoped for? Elena also takes a few large and unexpected steps in this episode without consulting her allies.

Damon’s Got His Sad Face On: He may be a rogue, but Damon genuinely loves his brother, as we all know. Elena understands how much he’s grieving after Stefan screwed up their plan in the previous episode and when he finally meets up with Stefan again, he lets him know how angry and grief-stricken he is.

Jeremy’s Gone Rogue: Jeremy’s gotten a little unstable since he was forced to give up Anna and his relationship with Bonnie ended. Alaric is concerned because he’s been cheating in school and both he and Elena are surprised when they learn he was fired from the Grill. He’s been spending his down-time hanging out with Tyler, which his family isn’t too pleased about. But Jeremy hasn’t lost all his reason and quickly catches on to what’s happening in Mystic Falls. This new, more proactive Jeremy is even armed with a cross-bow and a really big knife.

Tyler’s Loyalties Are Questioned: When Jeremy gets huffy with his sister and Alaric for their concern, he decides to invite Tyler inside for dinner. Elena and Alaric are both extremely wary of Tyler and his motivations because he was sired by Klaus. They ask him to explain his connection to the Original, but aren’t pleased with his answers. After all, as Elena says, “Klaus has terrorized every one of us and you’re just blindly loyal to him”. “You’re over-thinking it. I can still make my own decisions”, Tyler shoots back, upset that they’re questioning his choices like Caroline did. Can you, though, Tyler? It will soon become clear whose side Tyler is on.

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10Klaus is Back….With a Vengeance: Elena’s paranoid that Klaus hasn’t yet made a move since the Homecoming dance, but that soon comes to an end when the Original stops by for a drink at the Grill. He tells the duo that he’s looking for Stefan, but Elena tells him his problem lies with her old squeeze, not them. Oh yeah, and he’s also kind of concerned about his missing sister. But Klaus is done playing games and confronts Damon at the Salvatore house, telling him exactly how Stefan stole his family members andthat he wants Damon’s help in retrieving them. When Damon reminds Klaus that he doesn’t exist to do his bidding, Klaus decides “…a demonstration is in order. It seems you people respond best to displays of violence.” You should be concerned. Klaus is not fooling around.

Bonnie’s a VIP: Despite being absent for a while at the beginning of this season of The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie is the first person we see in this episode, mostly because she’s dreaming of the Originals’ coffins, without realizing what her dreams mean. But she soon gets involved in the entire situation and her witchy powers are once again called on.

Say Hello to Dr. Fell: Pretty Little Liars’ Torrey Devitto (who is also the wife of Paul Wesley) comes to The Vampire Diaries! She first meets with Alaric in the Mystic Falls hospital and is shocked at his healing abilities. She’ll be sticking around for a while (I can’t recall the exact number of episodes), so I suspect we’ll be seeing more of her soon.

Foreshadowing?: Jeremy angrily declares what may turn out to be true. After they all become aware of the lengths Klaus will go to in order to retrieve his family members, Jeremy wisely suggests they skip town. “None of us are gonna make it out of this town alive”, he concludes. One has to wonder whether that will turn out to be true in the end. With The Vampire Diaries, you never know.

Two Shockers: While some actions in this episode are surprising, the two most unexpected events take place in the last five minutes and I think we’ll be seeing the repercussions for a while.

Updated: View photos for episode 3.10 and episode 3.11 and a sneak peek for episode 3.10.

Watch a trailer for the January 5 episode of The Vampire Diaries here and make sure to tune in for this episode on Thursday, January 5 at 8:00 p.m. on The CW!

  • Former VD fan

    Yes…let's all just blame Tyler. It's not like this wasn't done to him. God, I'm so tired of how this show faults him for every single thing when Damon and Stefan get away with murder all the time. Poor Michael Trevino. Good riddance to this show. I'm glad I won't be watching when it comes back.

    • Clarissa

      Well, within the context of the show the characters have a point about being worried about Tyler's motivations. No one is saying it wasn't done to him – they just want to know whose side he's on. The whole thing becomes far more clear as the episode progresses, but I can't spoil everything. And trust me, Stefan is FAR from getting away with murder at this point.

    • Guest

      Actually, I am almost out of here with the Ian Somerhalder Show, too. But for different reasons, such as I hate Elena and I don't like Delena, so why watch the show? Far be it for the writers to develop other characters or give other actor a chance to shine if it is not connected to Ian. However, I like Tyler more now that he is under Klaus control, I keep hoping that Klaus will order him to kill Elena but no such luck. But I don't think that Stefan and Damon get away with murder, esp. Stefan. I feel that fans and people on the show are harder on Stefan than Damon even. But to be fair, they are both vampires, what do they expect! This is why Klaus is my fav, a good old fashion murdering vampire. But I have give up on this show, so I don't care anymore. I say this not because I dislike Ian, but dang enough is enough. There other people on the show. And the whole Delena and Stelena thing just makes me sick. But the Delenas can have their show.

      • lola

        Actually, I think I would be okay with your entire comment (even though I don't agree) if you had called it the "Damon Salvatore Show", because that is the character, and how much emphasis is or isn't placed upon him in the storylines has nothing to do with the actor who plays him. If you don't like the show, then don't watch it, that's completely your prerogative, but don't say nasty things about the actors, that's just petty. Thanks.

      • Sade

        I dislike Delena too but, with respect, I disagree. Maybe if DAMON (not Ian Somerhalder, he's just an actor) could have his own story sometime and not a story about him as everybody's doormat all the time you may have a point, but sadly this is not the case.

      • Brittany

        I agree I decided not to ever watch the show if Elena and Stefan r not together I love then together Damon is not right for her…no matter if she brings out the best in him… I hope when Stefan reviels he did all this to save Damon maybe Elena will jump back into his arms and all will b good but as for me I’m a angry fan

  • londonmiami


    I cannot wait! I love Damon and Elena together so much! They deserve their happy ending together – and I hope this show will give it to them! :) xx

  • Kelly-Ann

    I wait for the day where Klaus will be killed off the show. The character always pisses me off so much. Especially the way he gets others to do his bidding for him. Coward is too small a word to describe Klaus. I hope he's gone by the season finale. On a happy note, I look forward to the progress of Delena. The reason I watch this show is because of Damon and Elena.

  • lizzie

    Damon is an amazing character all of you above ( apart from Kelly-Ann and londonmiami ) are probably just Stefan fans who are jealous he's never gone be any close to Damon;s awesomeness!!!
    And so far this show has been the Stefan's Diaries show and not Damon;s Diaries! Everything is always about Stefan and how saint he is! Even when he's not in town it's somehow still about him! That's what Im fed up with.
    Klaus is amazing!!!!!!!! :D

    • VampireMaster250

      You mean how Stefan does not do impulsive things like Damon? But its true, you are probably a Damon fan who wants him to be loved by everyone on the show including those he´s tried to kill in the past.

  • Lovemesomedamon

    I love Damon and Elena. If it weren’t for them I would not watch the show. As a matter of fact the one episode this season where they had no interaction was the worst of all time. I fell asleep and can’t even remember what happened. Delena all the way!!!! Xxxxxxooooxoxoxoxo hope there’s some kissing sooooooon.

  • sarah

    cant wait to see the stelenascene, thanks for posting!!

  • Eve

    Stelena <3

  • Amanda

    Stefan and Klaus are the only reason I still watch! And also Caroline! I hope she wont get back with Tyler! She barely has scenes with the other characters cause of him and it’s the same with Tyler. I can’t wait to see him interact with Jeremy again. :)

  • Guest

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the show and all the actors are amazing, but even I’m getting tired of the Delena/Stelena stuff. There are other characters on the show as well, but it’s always about Delena, or Stelena. I wish they would focus on some of the other characters as well. For example, we don’t even know much about Bonnie, just that she’s a witch, and her mum’s name is Abby, who’s going to appear a few episodes later. And what about Caroline? They had her dad come in, but then he took off, not that I like that jerk, but we don’t know much about him. And I know that there’s an upcoming episode where she celebrates her 18th birthday, but that’s it? And nowadays, it seems that her character’s mentioned only when Tyler’s involved, since he was sired to Klaus.

    • TVD*fan

      well we're getting some character development for bonnie, we just need to wait. but c'mon, they're the main characters so there is obviously gonna be more about them. i think this show actually those a great job developing secondary characters, in fact many are most people's favorites!

  • Amanda

    OMG so excited for it's return! DE FTW! I bet Damon is on top of that list of Elena loved ones! Finally Damon is being recognised as the Hero!

  • Delena4ever

    Dear God please tell me Klaus isnt going to compel Damon!!!!! I would be sooooo mad! And lets just hope that Jeremy’s little foreshadow isnt true! and yes as you guys can tell by the screen name i LOVE DE. but i have an explanation for that. I only ship them until they get together. and if i think things dont work for them then i ship the opposite.

  • Drake7

    I dont like the whole delena thing butI honestly think that damon and elena should be together because damon is now becoming a a very boring and predictable character. On the other hand stefan is becoming more exciting and unexpected and elena does not deserve to be with him because lets face it she loves damon and all ready cheated on stefan so yeah its delena for me !!

  • Drake7

    And anyway Nina dobrev (Elena) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon) are dating in real life so its better……..

    • Guest

      In my opinion, the relationship between Ian and Nina shouldn't be a reason for a Delena romance. What happens on the show shouldn't effect the real life and the other way arround. I mean, Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray were married, while their characters dated. After they split, it must have been pretty awkward on set.

  • Dana

    I don't get why Elena is so upset with Stefan, the writers are clearly biased for Damon/Elena. He killed her brother, and he didn't even know he was wearing the ring, and two episodes later Elena was already all flirty with Damon. Now it's like Stefan killed her whole family. This is ridiculous.

    • Faye

      Plus when Damon killed Jermy he hadn't ben through so much like Stefan has been through this year. He sacrificed himself for Damon, while Damon was just mad because Elena didn't kiss him back.

    • TVD*fan

      oh please!! in elena's eyes Stefan betrayed them!! u can't expect her to be okay with the fact that he ruined their plan in killing klaus. its consistent with the storyline, and its unfair to accuse the writers of being Delena biased, especially after 2 whole seasons of Stelena. and i'm saying this from a non-shipper point of view, because i am not a shipper

  • Hollie Bennett

    I don’t see why everyone is complaining about delena and stelena? The show would be boring if it had no romance and the show has to appeal to everyone. I just love all the characters and everyone on the show brings something unique! Stop hating and just don’t comment. The Vampire Diaries forever <3

    • guest

      correct! wats ur problem.?? just enjoy the show..

  • anonymous

    ummm… u guys know it's just a show – a good show- but still just a show!! And whats with the comments saying get rid of Elena and base it around other characters. The show is ABOUT Elena and if you changed the characters it would ruin the show!! duh!?

  • Sara

    Sometimes i wish people would just let go of this whole delena and stelena thing. I'm so tired of hearing people complain "This is the Damon show!" if you're a stefan fan. And "This is the Stefan show!", if you're a Damon fan. Seriously. And then you guys go off saying how this show is going downhill. Well, thats kind of your fault if you think about it. I know its possible to watch the show and just appreciate everyone and not get in to these "ship wars". Just ugh.

    • TVD*fan

      you are soo right!!! people don't seem to be able to just watch the show and enjoy what it has to offer, but they just go about whining that things aren't going the way they want them to be -.-

  • tania

    Actually, enough of the relationships. I want to see some of the Originals un daggered, because im getting a little sick of Klaus, not the actor though, he's doing a good job of adding depth to what is really a one dimensional character. Enough of the Elena bashing as well, she and Damon haven't eloped yet. It seems as though everyone wants her to continue playing the victim like she did in season two and the begininng of season three

    • Nora west

      i wish towards the end or next season they stop making Elena the victim start having her fight back. i mean they always have to have her getting saved by someone everyone is always concerned for Elena. Damn i wish they give her a back bone already have her fighting back and not giving in all the time. Next season i want them to give Elena little more attitude like Katherine. I mean there has to be other resemblances than them looking alike.

  • Melissa

    The show's main characters are Elena, Stefan and Damon, so it makes sense that they would get most of the action. I am sick of klaus, the show needs to know when to say enough, he should have been gone and Michael be the villain for the second half and I am bored with bad Stefan who is written as a poor copy of Damon. Season one, Stefan wasn't a ripper, he was a guy who never learn to control his hunger, he just supressed it. Now he was a ripper and everyone knew, season one, Damon had no clue why Stefan went off human blood and now he is an expert on Stefan's ripper antics. My wish for this show is better continuity, that it fits with what was shown, not kind of fits but they really want to tell this story so they hope we forget that it doesn't make sense.

    • Jess

      I'm sort of confused by your comment. You said that "Damon had no clue why Stefan went off human blood and now he is an expert on Stefan's ripper antics." ??? Damon has no idea why he went off human blood BECAUSE he was an expert on his ripper antics. Damon knew Stefan's ripper past better than anyone, so he didn't understand how he could quit it-Season 1.

      Personally I think the show has pretty good continuity- I mean not amazing, but a lot better than most other shows I watch.

    • nora west

      Because by Damon being there through out Stefan's ripper days he couldnt possiblly understand why or how person can go from ripper to sober like Stefan did. in season 1 when Stefan and Damon was on the roof Damon wanted him and i quote "you are a vampire Stefan dont forget who you are" it does makes sense when you review why Damon became a vampire in the first place and what happen when Stefan first turned. All that is in the flashbacks watch season 1-3 again.

  • vampirediariestvde

    DAMON is Boring in SE3 =( I Love Badass Damon

  • Malinda

    Personaly think Stefans "Bad Boy" thing is not really making the show more thrilling, also when Bonnie , Stefan (Good Boy), and Deman went to kill Klaus when he was turning (when he finally drinked Elnas blood), they could have had Bonnie's Cusin come in because when the were going to kill Kathren the Witch helped them. She told Bonnie she owed her one. Than Klaus would be over with and they could be tring to kill Michle (Klaus's Father).
    Sorry about my spelling on names.

  • Aria


    • guest


  • Nora West

    I read a comment about the show being just the Stefan Diaries, well i agree what about Damon during the times when he first turned leading up to now because all we have seen is Stefan's pov. And i believe Damon and Elena should be together cause when you think about Damon is right for her. When you look at the flash backs you see how Damon was a sweetheart before he turned and was in love with Katherine. He didn't have to be compelled cause he loved her anyway but Stefan had to be. When you think about it Damon is the true romantic because he spent 152 years trying to get Katherine back and Stefan spent those years hating her. When Katherine was first introduced into the show Damon pored his heart out to her and she said "he was a fool". And when you look at Stefan's past you see how violent and how many years he spent not caring. Damon spent 152 years caring about a woman that never cared about him. Look a season1-3 you will see that its not Damon whos the real monster its Stefan. Plus Stefan stole Katherine from Damon even though Katherine cared about Stefan more because Stefan didnt give a damn about her like Damon did. But thats how it happen you end up caring about the one person who don't care about you. So i think its only fare that Damon steal Elena away from Stefan.

    • amanda

      I totally agree! : ) good point

  • Ellie

    i tots love this show i really hope steephan and elana get a happy ending for the moment im not caught up im trying to find episode 5 of the third season and they dont have it anywhere i really hope i can find a link. anyway i LOVE this show and i really hope that damon and elena get back together and i am really excited for klause to die if anyone has a link can u reply
    -thanks very much i apprecieate it if you do love this show bye

  • Guest

    Jeremy! I am hesitant to get too excited, because I feel like almost every character is used as a plot point at some point and I never trust anything. XD I'm excited for him becoming proactive and picking up a crossbow. :)

    I hope we also see more Elena and Jeremy scenes. I really feel like the sibling relationships should be the heart of the show, not the romances. I feel like it's more consistent with the overall theme of the show, which is that family is so important.

  • Natalie

    Ugh I’m team Delena but I’m not going to fight about it. Can’t people just stop fighting , if you’re a true fan of the show then stop hating on it because their is more Delena scenes than stelena. Why can’t everyone just be both teams, Delena are awesome and hot! Stelena are cute and some of their scenes are so heartbreaking

  • Delena

    Say what you want Stelena people. Delena has a bigger fanbase. :P

  • Tim

    I hope that they do not kill of Jeremy. I am a little worried about that. I do like his Charcter

  • Remi

    Damon deserves someone like elena … Think about it.. When he was in love with kathrine she chose stefan . And the he fell for elna and she chose stefan? Poor damon and i mean why stefan? With that ginormous forehead of his.. Damon is still a good guy and him and elna ould be great together<3 stefan leavs her too many times.. Damon is always threre fir her.. For ex: during the sacrifce stefan only cared if klaus died .. Damon got elna out of thre and didnt care wheter klaus was dead or not. He just wanted to make sure she would ilve! And stefan s all like. No i need to make sur hes dead.. Well then elena cud wake up as a vampire for all he cars. But damon saved her!! Stefan sucks…

    • amanda

      That’s how I’m starting to feel about Stefan too

  • fan

    It should be stephan and elena. Elena loved Stephan first, but Damon is actively trying to steal her away from his brother. The same with katherine and stephan. Stephan is the first love, and Damon is the second. However, I feel that Stephan fell further into darkness due this sense of guilt and love for katherine. This is why he became the ripper, he truly turned everything off, much more than Damon. He is also truly trying to seek redemption before he met Elena. In Season 3, Stephan looks to lose all of that because of his crazy brother's action in season 2. Now Damon, is making his move on Elena. Sorry, but I feel Damon is still the villain, his personality has never really changed. With Stephan, he was killer, seek redemption, and sacrificed everything for his brother to be a killer again. I hope Stephan comes out on top in the end.

  • Lynn

    People …people you are all overreacting about everything…. and just by reading all your complaints about this and about that bla bla bla …….only means THE SHOW IS FANTASTIC OR NONE OF YOU WOULD BE PISSED ABOUT THIS AND ABOUT THAT……'a a show that's it and that's all…….IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT'S
    HAPPENING DONT FREAKING WATCH IT……. just watch american idle or wife swap instead …… that is if you dare!!!!!!!!!!! you know it will eat you alive if you miss an episode ……….ha ha ha

    • amanda

      Haha that was awesome Lynn! : )

  • amanda

    To the people making negative comments about the show no one is forcing you to watch it. So if you dont like it dont watch it, simple as that! Also they have to make the show interesting or else one would watch it. Just like a soap opera they change characters, break them up, etc. So before you start hating the show that millions of people tune into every thursday consider that before bashing on it.

  • fredy monyo

    i love the series..,much love to actors and director..,peace from monyo

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