The Vampire Diaries Photo Preview: The Gang Teams Up to Take Klaus Down in Episode 3.18

Clarissa March 9, 2012 8

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 18The Vampire Diaries is delivering up three weeks straight of new episodes starting on March 15 when the show returns from a short hiatus. The March 29 episode, titled “Murder of One” once again features Cassidy Freeman, who also appears in the March 15 (view photos) and March 22 (view photos) episodes.

The March 29 episode of The Vampire Diaries will find Damon and Stefan coming up with a new idea to destroy Klaus. This time, they’ll invite Caroline, Elena and..yes, even Matt!…in on the plan. Klaus is making his own plans, though, and he wants Bonnie to help him with a spell. While she’s clearly resistant to the idea, she comes around when he threatens someone close to her (her mother, perhaps?).

(here comes a bit of a spoiler..)

Guess which Original sibling returns? Finn! Klaus and Rebekah want to gain his cooperation and find the best motivator to get him on their side. But Rebekah is distracted by her own desire to get revenge on Damon, who seems to be strung up and tortured by the blonde haired beauty. Stefan continues to veer between crazy emotional places when he gets into a dangerous confrontation with Klaus and, later, a tender, though heartbreaking moment with Elena.


  • Kara

    Beautiful pics! Can't wait for the Stefan and Elena's heartbreaking scene, I will die, my bbs!

  • Euras

    OMG Stefan and Elena, yes!!! <3

  • EdMG

    I hope they come back together… I mis them!!! Stelena.

  • mitch

    DELENA!!! Stelena can go burn in a hole!

  • Christine

    who laughs last…laughs better….DELENA!anyway…in a recent scoop they let us know that Damon and Elena's dynamic will heat up again… don't cheer up Stelena fans…!

  • ………

    Not that there is any chemistry but just saying, that photo of caroline and damon IS AWESOME

  • Kendall

    Okay just shut up Damon shouldnt even have a chance with Elena!! it is his fault how Stefan is right now!!! If he would have just listened to Elena when she said he wasen't going to lose her back in season two and had not gotten bit by a wolf Stefan wouldnt have had to save his ass like always!!! AND also Damon is ungrateful because mean while his brother was with Klaus to save HIM!!! he is at home trying to steal his girl!! not cool Damon not cool

  • Jake

    Delena fans are stupid, ungrateful and blind