The Vampire Diaries Photos: It’s Klaus vs. Stefan in Episode 3.10

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 10The midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries back in November (so long ago!) had a few twists and turns. Klaus decided to crash the Mystic Falls Homecoming dance, which set in motion a few plans by Damon, Elena and Stefan. First, Katherine posed as Elena at the party, thus ensuring she remained protected. Elena also managed to get Rebekah’s necklace and stabbed her with the dagger, which means she is down for the count unless someone pulls it out and revives her. Klaus killed his father, Mikael, and also released Stefan from his compulsion. At the end of the episode, Stefan called up Klaus to tell him he now has the coffins of the other Original family members in his possession. For more about the midseason finale, read Emma’s review.

The Vampire Diaries is finally returning from its long hiatus on Thursday, January 5, with an episode titled “The New Deal”. The episode seems to pick up soon after the finale, with Stefan having hid the coffins of the remaining Originals. Klaus is desperate to retrieve the coffins and so he decides to use violence to make a point. In particular, he wants to convince Damon and Elena that he is prepared to do many nasty things until Stefan returns the coffins. Tyler will continue to enjoy his new hybrid status, but he is surprised to learn about the drawbacks, which stem from the consequences of his actions.

Torrey Devitto (Paul Wesley’s wife) joins the cast of The Vampire Diaries as a guest star in this episode. She will be playing Dr. Fell, who becomes very interested in Alaric when she learns about his special healing ability. Meanwhile, Alaric and Elena are very concern about Jeremy’s behavior and his safety.

For more details about the episode (including some spoilers), read our advance preview of “The New Deal”.

Updated: View photos for episode 3.11.

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25 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries Photos: It’s Klaus vs. Stefan in Episode 3.10

      • Amen. SE fans need to suck it up. As a book fan before the tv series, stelena always annoyed be (too twilight-esque I guess). But I've never complained because what makes DE so epic is that SE stands in the way, and it works the same the other way.

        Sidenote: those DE pictures made me wayyyyyy to happy, my TVD withdrawl is reaching the breaking point.

  1. Beautiful Pics of Damon & Elena! It's time for them two love birds to Shine! Stephan had his share of Damon bashing all through out season 1 and 2, now Damon will show him what it means to be Real! Elena only viewed Damon in a negative way because of Stephan's envy of Delena's relationship, which is the same thing that happened back in 1864. Stephan had a chance to make things right for him and Elena but made the decision to be a much worst Bad boy than Damon ever was. Team Delena 4ever!

  2. Its funny that it's the stelena fans causing all the fights. Not all. But most. Why can't people accept that Delena fans have been waiting like a century for a real kisss.! Team Delena FTW…but tbh i love a bit of stelena some times…some of their scenes break my heart eg phonecall(3×01) and breakup ( 2×06)

  3. i hate elena she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring alittle of topic i still like rose way better damon and rose 4ever u should see pics of lauren cohan more pretty than nina dobrev

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