The Vampire Diaries Photos: Mystic Falls Throws a Fancy Ball in Episode 3.14

Clarissa January 17, 2012 9

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 14The Vampire Diaries has delivered consistently excellent episodes this season. Stefan and Elena’s relationship has been systematically broken down (first by Klaus and then by Stefan himself). Stefan has continued his bad-boy act even without being under the control of Klaus’ compulsion. We’re getting a lot more information about the rest of Klaus’ Original family members and Bonnie is working with Stefan to get into that last mysterious coffin (which will result in her finding her mother in January 19 episode – watch a sneak peek). Damon and Elena have kissed and suddenly some people are ‘shipping the relationship that no one ever saw coming: Caroline and Klaus!

On February 9, The Vampire Diaries delivers up a fancy ball for all of us to enjoy. Elena gets invited to a formal ball, but it turns out that the party will be held at Klaus’new house. Afraid she might be in danger, Stefan and Damon both insist on accompanying her to the party. Caroline and Matt are also invited and Caroline grows closer to Klaus when she sees that he has an unexpected side.

UPDATED: Watch a trailer for episode 3.14 or a sneak peek.

Aren’t the dresses gorgeous? And don’t miss a new episode of the show this week on January 19 at 8:00 p.m. EST on The CW!

  • ArdeurVampires

    Actually for me, I've been shipping Klaroline since season 2. Don't ask me how it happen, all I know is, the idea pop into my head one night and It latch on like a parasite. Now I'm obesssed for Klaroline :)

  • Noor

    Wow!!!!! They look like AWKWARD teenage brothers bored in their parents party!!!!!! So cute!!!!!!!

  • Eloise

    I can not wait for ball. It is going to ventful event.

  • Leah

    Stefan looks so good!

  • joshua

    Wow, I guess they're the only ones in this episode, looks like I'll skip it.

    • Clarissa

      I'm not sure who you mean are the "only ones" in the episode. From the photos, it looks like everyone appears in this episode. And besides, photos generally don't spoil major plot points so just because someone doesn't appear in a photo doesn't mean they're not in the episode.

  • Marina


  • kara

    Stefan and Elena dancing! The way they look into each other's eyes, can't wait for their scenes,

  • Raych

    Does anyone know the designer of the gown Elena wears, I am going to a wedding and loved the dress.

    Email birdiegirl424@yahoo..