The Vampire Diaries Photos: The Show Flashes Back to 1912 & Cassidy Freeman Guest Stars

Clarissa February 23, 2012 1

The Vampire Diaries Season 3 Episode 16The Vampire Diaries is currently on hiatus until March 15 (boo!), but when the show returns, we’re in for a treat. The action will flash back to 1912 in the next episode and will give us an insight into Damon’s history.

In the most recent episode of The Vampire Diaries, Klaus and his brothers stopped Esther from completing her spell and killing them. Esther and Finn disappeared and the two other Original brothers decided to split, but that doesn’t mean trouble doesn’t still reside in Mystic Falls. For one, Rebekah is still hanging out and (probably) making trouble for everyone. For another, there’s obviously even more tension now between Elena and Damon after she discovered that he had slept with Rebekah. Plus, thanks to Damon, Bonnie’s mother is now a vampire, and Klaus is still chasing after Caroline. Oh yeah, and there’s that pesky serial killer still on the loose and Meredith might be a crazy person who shot Alaric. For more on the last episode, read Emma’s review.

The March 15 episode will introduce us to a woman named Sage, who knew Damon back in 1912. Sage was quite the progressive woman and used to box (quite successfully) back then. Apparently Sage was an important part of Damon becoming the man we know him as today. When the current murders happening in Mystic Falls remind Damon of a similar crime spree back in 1912, he recalls the impact Sage had on his life. Damon is forced to get involved in the investigation when he’s convinced that Sheriff Forbes is chasing the wrong suspect. Meanwhile, Matt and Elena are convinced that Meredith is the guilty one and engage in some B&E to get the proof they need.

Did you hope to see Damon in a bowler hat? We’ll he’ll be wearing one! You can also watch a trailer for the March return here.

  • maria

    I WOULD LIKE THE VAMPIE DIARIES TO STAY THROUGH SUMMER! Its a very populas show..U get tired when they do a pause in the show…i know u have to redo more episodes but is there another way that it could be on in the summer?thx..