The Vampire Diaries Preview: Will Tyler Go After Klaus? Plus, Elena Tells Stefan Some Unwanted Truths

The Vampire DiariesThe Vampire Diaries returns from its hiatus this week with an episode that seems to pick up soon after the winter finale left off.  Before the break, Klaus killed Mayor Lockwood and now Tyler will need to figure out how to handle the stiuation.  Will he bury the grief in the interest of a long-term plan of revenge against the Original, or will he immediately attack Klaus for killing his mother?  Rebekah (who has now been de-daggered thanks to April) is encouraging him to unleash his inner wolf fury and we’re not sure whether he can be tamed.

Meanwhile, Damon has opted to stay at the Gilbert lake house to help train Jeremy and expose more of his hunter marks (as per Klaus’ instructions), but the residents of Mystic Falls doesn’t seem keen on following Klaus’ orders and Jeremy pushes back, telling Damon that they’re not going to do things Klaus’ way.  Considering spoilers from an upcoming episode, we have to assume that Klaus won’t react favorably to this resistence and is keen to reassert his power over Jeremy as quickly as possible.

Finally, Damon may have separated himself (temporarily, anyways) from Elena, but that doesn’t mean she’s not still pining for him.  When confronted by Stefan, she tells him that she slept with Damon because she loves him, thereby ripping Stefan’s heart out.  How will this love triangle end? 

Watch a preview below for the January 17 return of The Vampire Diaries on The CW and then go visit our Vampire Diaries page for sneak peeks and photos for the episode.

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