The Vampire Diaries 5.17 Review: “Rescue Me”

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It looks like we’ve got a witchy war brewing on The Vampire Diaries with Stefan and Elena caught in the middle.  Relationship drama aside, shocking revelations were made and unexpected new alliances were formed in this episode.

We last left Damon and Elena as they both agreed that their relationship is toxic, but their actions didn’t exactly follow their words.  They’re waking up in a broken bed but have no time to talk as Elena is running late for Jeremy’s parent-teacher meeting.  Of course Damon shows up at the school too (after a few necessary drinks at the Grill) because he is listed as Jeremy’s guardian.

That leads me to talk about what Jeremy’s really been up to, besides missing an alarming number of days at school.  Damon first saw him at the Grill earlier talking to Liv, and we really learned the truth about what’s going on between them.  Luke and Liv’s covers were blown as now everyone knows they’re witches.  If it weren’t for the Travelers advancing on Mystic Falls, they wouldn’t be as desperate as they are.  They seem to know what the Travelers are capable of, and they know that Elena and Stefan are important to them.  Jeremy, along with Tyler and Matt, make a deal with Luke and Liv that they’ll help them fight the Travelers if the siblings in turn protect Elena.  I have to say I really like this new trio of Jeremy/Matt/Tyler working and now living together!

Bonnie’s off on her own this whole episode, strangely never leaving her dorm’s common room.  At least someone’s focusing on their school work on this show!  It’s there that she encounters the witch named Hazel passing through her with a message for Luke that she failed at hiding the doppelganger.  I was a little disappointed that Bonnie just told Luke everything Hazel said.  As soon as she heard “doppelganger” she should have sent out a mass text to all her friends making sure that Stefan and Elena were okay.  Anyway, later Bonnie’s overwhelmed by lots of sacrificed Travelers passing through her.

While the Travelers were crossing over to the Other Side, they had the motive of releasing their leader Markos.  He was seen rising out of a shadow that came out of a collapsed Bonnie.  There’s still a lot we don’t know about the Travelers intentions with Stefan and Elena.  Now that Markos is free, what else do they need the doppelgangers for?

To backtrack a bit, Caroline and Enzo set out for Atlanta last week to find and kill the last “Stefanganger.”  As I predicted, the sweet Caroline we know and love would never hurt an innocent man.  She played along with Enzo to find Tom Avery who had been missing for four months and was being kept hidden by a witch named Hazel.  She just made one deadly mistake of taking Tom back to the same diner she ate at with Enzo, so when Enzo recovered from his temporary neck snap, he knew where to find them and did the dirty work of killing Tom.

This wouldn’t be The Vampire Diaries if everyone didn’t have their own hidden agendas at every turn.  Of course Enzo wasn’t doing this all to save Stefan.  It turns out he had his own deal with the Travelers: he did this favor for them, and they help him find an old flame named Maggie.  Unless Maggie is a vampire herself, wouldn’t she be much older since she was someone who worked on the Augustine vampires?  I hope this isn’t the last we see of Enzo!  He doesn’t seem like he’s a bad guy at his core, and I would love to see more of him.  With the track record of introducing new characters and killing them off all season so far, no one appears to be safe.

New episodes don’t return until April 17th, and hopefully that is the final uninterrupted stretch of the season!

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